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All dogs over the age of three months must be registered with their local council in accordance with the Animal Management (Cats & Dogs) Act 2008. Registration is renewed annually and dogs must wear the registration tag issued by Council.

Find out all the details for registering a dog.

Responsible dog ownership

Every dog owner must be responsible for their pet and ensure it does not pose a risk, or cause a nuisance, to other people or animals. All dogs must be adequately contained on the owner’s property and they must not be allowed to roam.

Dogs must be leashed in public areas, except for the Shire’s designated off-leash areas, where owners must still supervise them.

Noosa Council encourages responsible pet ownership – find out more about Responsible dog ownership factsheet or Barking Dogs

Dogs in outdoor dining areas

The Queensland Food Act 2006 sets out the rules about animals in outdoor dining areas. It is up to the business owner whether or not to permit dogs in their outdoor dining areas. This does not apply to assistance dogs. Dogs in outdoor dining areas must be kept under control and the owners must make every effort to prevent their dog from urinating or defecating within the outdoor dining area.
For more information visit the Queensland Health website.

Dog exercise areas

Noosa Council provides a number of off-leash areas across Noosa so residents and their pooches can enjoy more of the shire's wonderful outdoor environment together.

The links below provide a map of each of the off-leash areas.

Boreen Point
Cooroy - Kauri Park
Marcus Beach
Noosaville - Weyba Foreshore Park
Noosa Heads - Noosa Spit
Noosa Heads - Alec Dan Park
Noosa Waters - Shorehaven Drive
Pomona - Cooroora Creek Park
Sunshine Beach North
Tewantin - Alex Loveday Park
Tewantin - Heritage Park

On Leash: Peregian Beach - South Peregian Beach and Sunrise Beach - Rainbow Park.

View off-leash dog areas in the shire via council's interactive map.

Note: By viewing this map you have agreed to Noosa Council's Terms of Use of this mapping system. Please be patient as maps may take up to 30 seconds to load due to a large amount of interactive data.

Prohibited Areas

Dogs are not permitted within Bathing reserves in the Noosa Shire. Locations of Bathing reserves can be found in Subordinate Local Law No 6.

Issues with dogs

Issues or queries involving dogs and other animals can be submitted directly to Council. For more urgent and serious issues, such as a dog attack or aggressive animals or straying/nuisance, please phone Council on (07) 5329 6500.

Maximum number of dogs

Noosa Council allows a maximum of two dogs per property.

Residents of multi-unit developments must check with their body corporate or management whether animals are allowed on the property.

Residents must apply to the council for a permit should they wish to keep more than two dogs per property. To apply, complete the application form below and return to Council.