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    The current council logo brand featuring the Keys’ Boronia has served the organisation well since 1990, but with the development of a new Corporate Plan and the implementation of Noosa 2.0, it is time for Council to move forward, refresh and modernise its corporate identity.

    There was a strong need for a flexible design suitable for all planned uses.

  • This new branding provides the council and its staff with a modern, agile and flexible brand, particularly with the growing influence of digital media.

    It’s about creating a new vision and gives us the ability to better communicate to our residents, visitors, families and industries. The branding refresh was a pivotal part of the Corporate Plan 2023-2028 process to revitalise, re-focus and continue our journey in becoming a more agile, contemporary and modern organisation.

    This work has been achieved within existing budgets and involved a comprehensive review of the current brand, involving councillors, a number of key staff and the Executive team.

  • The design has evolved from the current Boronia to form a modern, clean and bold symbol.

    The unique wildflower Keys" Boronia (Boronia keysii) believed extinct was rediscovered in the Kin Kin Creek basin in 1971 by conservationist Dr Arthur Harold.  The emblem was designed in 1990 as part of the council brand by a then local resident and has been used in different forms over the past three decades. Based on a mathematical anaylsis the essence of the Boronia has been re-created using geometry and the golden ratio system to ensure it clearly reflects natures’ organic patterns.

    We have a specially designed typography, new colour palette and increased versatility with the refreshed brand. We’ve also changed the colours on our website, which are aligned to the brand refresh.

    A custom designed Noosa typeface was developed to improve accessibility and readability.

    A series of workshops were conducted with councillors, the executive leadership team and key stakeholders in council. This was to better understand what they considered essential in the brand refresh.

    Creative studio Saturate, based at Peregian Digital Hub was engaged to develop the refresh with a focus on acknowledging the past and evolving the council image and identity.

    The tagline Different by Nature was to be retained and included in the overall brand refresh.

    The refresh retains the iconic values of Noosa - our waterways, beaches, and hinterland and the design is more digital friendly, reflects the future strategy of the council, versatile and provide consistency in all strategic publications and digital platforms.


  • The completion of the brand refresh and the associated brand manual and templates cost $60,000.

    As a digital roll-out, expenses are limited to a slight revamp of the corporate website and design for the Corporate Plan 2023-2028.

    All work was completed within the existing Corporate Plan budget.

    Moving forward there will be cost implications as it is progressively rolled out. This could potentially include uniforms for staff, care decals for vehicles and signage as required.

    A large component of this expenditure will form part of Council’s normal budget allocation relating to signage replacement etc..

    The funding of the re-branding does not impact in any way the committed budget for roads and other core services in the 2022/2023 budget.

  • The switch to the refreshed brand will not happen overnight.

    It was adopted by council at the Ordinary Meeting on 16 March 2023. The refresh will be noticeable on the council website, other digital platforms and in all printed or designed collateral as required,

    As the brand will be utilised by many areas across Council, the roll out will achieved over a number of years, as budget is allocated.