Climate Emergency Declaration

Noosa Council declared a climate emergency in 2019, making a strong statement in support of taking action on climate change as part of a collective voice across local, state, and federal governments worldwide. We need action at all levels of government and across all sectors to avoid dangerous climate change. There are carbon emissions within the control of Council, carbon emissions elsewhere within the Shire that we can influence, as well as those that require regulatory change and leadership beyond Noosa’s boundaries.

In it's July 2019 Ordinary Meeting, Council stated:

"Council accepts the latest science on climate change provided in the October 2018 report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and acknowledges that the Noosa Shire is vulnerable to the impacts of climate change including heat waves, more intense storms and sea level rise all of which is likely to adversely affect the Noosa natural and human environment. Council therefore declares that we are in a ‘Climate Emergency” which requires urgent action by all levels of government."

Noosa Council welcomes the call from an alliance of more than 100 property, community, health and environmental organisations to urge Australia’s Building Ministers to lift the energy efficiency of new homes built in Australia.