Noosa Satisfaction Benchmarking Survey

Council values regular feedback from our residents. What we do and how we serve our community helps ensure we are meeting the expectations of our region.

In April 2019, council conducted a survey of residents to gather information to determine the importance of the services we provide and gauge the satisfaction of many of our services and facilities.

2019 Community Satisfaction Survey

This survey is conducted every two years to provide a clear understanding of the services that are most important to the community, and provide feedback on how well we are delivering these services and facilities.

The survey results provide us with vital information to ensure our corporate priorities are aligned with our community's values and expectations. It also assists in identifying the areas

Council conducted the survey in April 2019.

Who is Included?

Residents, aged over 18 years and who have lived in the Noosa Local Government area.

Random telephone calls were made to resident households throughout the Shire, using the Electronic White Pages. These calls identified 400 residents aged 18 years and over who indicated that they were ‘interested in discussing local government issues and expressing an opinion about them’ and who were prepared to participate in the survey.

In order to enrol the sample of 400 respondents a total of 5498 attempted and 2407 connected telephone calls were made.

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