Bin Collection Days

Bin Collections Christmas/New Year

Bin collections occur every day of the year - including public holidays

Council's bin collection service operates every day, including all public holidays. Garden waste bins are collected on the same day as your general waste bins (on the alternate weeks to recycling bins).

Bins may not be collected at the same time every week or fortnight.

Find Your Bin Collection Day (using the Interactive Mapping)

Find out your bin collection day by using interactive mapping and following these steps:

1. To find General or Recycle bin collection day


2. Select the Address tab at the bottom of the map.

3. Type your address into the search bar and then click on the search icon.

Image of address form

4. See the information column to the right of the screen and your bin collection day and date will be displayed at the bottom of the column.

Extra (Casual) Bin Collection

For an extra (casual) bin collection, submit and pay online.

Print Your Own Calendar (each address is either Week 1 or Week 2 - search your address above in mapping to discover your week for the appropriate calendar below)