Social Services

Social Support 

Social Support is available for our community in times of need, there are many services in Noosa Shire that can offer assistance. For local services to help click here

Emergency Relief - Water

water shower

We're all hoping for some decent rain soon, but for those in our hinterland community who may be running short of water, we have water stations available to fill household containers.

Noosa Council doesn't regulate the water carrier sector or what they charge. Please see the information below on how to obtain water supplies for household use.

  • For those who are struggling with having enough water during drought conditions, here are maps showing the locations of taps where water containers can be filled. Council prefers that the taps shown on the maps are the only taps that should be used to fill water containers.

    Other taps are not suitable for a variety of reasons. Please remember to take only what water is really needed. Using too much will reduce water pressure across Noosa Shire. Please fill up using domestic-size containers only (up to 1000L).

  • Hinterland:

    Cooroy RV site:

    Tap at the entry that can fill up containers in addition to the paid Unity Water sites

    Kin Kin Recreation Centre 

    • 2 showers on the western side

    Pomona Community House - 1 Memorial Ave, Pomona

    • Hot showers 9am – 3pm Tues - Fri
  • Noosa Council doesn't regulate the water carrier sector or what they charge. Contact your local water carrier for more information.

  • There are four water fill stations for community members to access and purchase potable drinking water at any time, including 17 Mary Road, Cooroy and Zealey Road Nambour (near number 49). Visit Unitywater for costs, other locations and conditions for access.