Pest Survey Program

Council undertakes a Biosecurity Surveillance Program on urban and rural properties across the Shire in collaboration with landholders. This activity is in accordance with Section 235 of the Biosecurity Act 2014.

Scope and purpose of the pest surveys

The legislation allows council officers to enter properties throughout the Noosa region to monitor and enforce compliance under the Act as follows:

  • monitor compliance with requirements about declared pests (plants and animals)
  • map the distribution and spread of these species.

Council officers will promote to landowners best practice in the treatment of invasive plants and animals.

Survey locations and dates

The surveillance program consists of an annual inspection for the period of the current Council, that is 2016 to 2020.

The region is divided into four survey areas and a different area is surveyed each quarter. Inspections will be undertaken in each area at the following times:

  • A. Survey Area 1: 1 July to 30 September for the localities of Cooroy, Cooroy Mountain, Tinbeerwah, Cooroibah and that part of Doonan that is within the Noosa Council boundary;
  • B. Survey Area 2: 1 October – 31 December for the localities of Black Mountain, Federal, and those parts of Ridgewood and Eerwah Vale that are within the Noosa Council boundary;
  • C. Survey Area 3: 1 January – 31 March for the localities of Kin Kin, Pinbarren, Cooran and that part of Como that is within the Noosa Council boundary; and
  • D. Survey Area 4: 1 April – 30 June for the localities of Pomona, Lake MacDonald, Ringtail Creek, Cootharaba and Boreen Point.

Trapping and baiting programs

Council also undertakes a range of trapping and targeted poison baiting programs for the control of pest animals throughout the Shire.

Wild Dog Control Baiting Program

The next Wild Dog Baiting Program is scheduled to occur from 6 May - 20 May 2020.

All landowners with properties within 1.5km of the baiting properties will receive a notification letter and there will be warning signs on all road areas leading into the baiting property locations.

The wild dog baiting (1080) will occur on the following properties:

House Number Street Suburb Lot/Plan
468 Wahpunga Lane KIN KIN 158MCH366
393 Sister Tree Creek Road KIN KIN  162MCH367
5 Eastwell Lane KIN KIN 9RP913595
23 Eastwell Lane KIN KIN 10RP913595
137 Eastwell Lane KIN KIN 11RP913595
106 Wahpunga Lane KIN KIN 1321M37623
51 Jeremys Lane KIN KIN 157MCH366
247 Eastern Branch Road KIN KIN 2RP228124
237 Sheppersons Lane KIN KIN 1MCH4368
63  Sheppersons Lane KIN KIN 188MCH224
423 Top Forestry Road RIDGEWOOD 2RP196433
224 Moran Group Road RIDGEWOOD 19MCH3283
280 Dr Pages Road COOTHARABA 4SP149484
455 Wahpunga Lane KIN KIN 4RP215958
76 Honey Tree Lane RIDGEWOOD 3RP229383
687 Coles Creek Road COORAN 28SP219504
32 Tomkinson Road COOTHARABA 4RP901392
981 Louis Bazzo Drive COOTHARABA 3SP241374
749 Cootharaba Road COOTHARABA 235MCH3632
749 Cootharaba Road COOTHARABA 5RP189035


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