Flood Mapping

Planning Scheme Flood Mapping

Flooding, from storm tides and waterways, is one of the greatest threats to Noosa Shire's communities.

The flood overlay mapping in The Noosa Plan planning scheme shows how far the flood hazard area potentially extends for a modelled flood event (equivalent to a 1%AEP event or in old terminology 1-in-100 year event).

These maps are only indicative of flood modelling held by Council. They do not represent complete flooding potential and other areas are subject to flooding. Larger less frequent flood events will inundate land beyond the areas shown.

The maps are used for development assessment purposes and should not be relied upon when considering issues relating to real estate. Persons wishing to make detailed enquiries with Council in this regard should do so by phone or in writing.

To find the planning scheme overlay maps (OM1.3-OM9.3) view the Noosa Plan, or access Councils interactive flood maps via Intramaps Noosa.

Flood Certificates

Council can provide a flood search certificate outlining Council’s latest flood information including a flood level for a specific property; the minimum building height that new habitable rooms are required to build to; and flood velocity, where available.

For further information go to Council's Property Searches.

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Council’s flood mapping for disaster management purposes can also be viewed here - River and Storm Tide Flood Maps.