Green Economy

Green economy

The transition to a greener economy is a global phenomenon.  Countries and regions around the world are following this trend by developing green economy strategies and policies that promote economic development while ensuring environmental sustainability.  The reasons behind the shift towards a global green economy are not limited to decreasing carbon emissions and the cost of climate change but also include improving liveability and quality of life for local communities.  A well-planned green economy can also open opportunities for job creation and tangible economic growth. 

Noosa’s long and strong reputation for environmental stewardship underpins the desirability of the destination as a location to live, work, visit and connect. By understanding the elements that contribute to a strong and vibrant green economy and its structure locally, Noosa Council aims to develop and accelerate the economic capabilities of its ‘green industries’ and achieve a structural transformation that provides higher value jobs and additional investment. 

To achieve this goal, as a first step Council has commissioned a Green Economy Research Report that explores areas of local competitive advantage and sector trends, identifies regional expertise and opportunities for industry growth and ecosystem development. 

Read the detailed report here: Green Economy Research Report 
Read the executive summary here: Green Economy Executive Summary

What is the green economy?

The green economy is an emerging concept with no single definition. To focus our approach, we have considered the green economy as a multi-layered hierarchy with each layer increasing in ‘green intensity’. For the purposes of this project, we’ve adopted a narrow definition of green economy adopted from the United Nations Environmental Program & Alphabeta:

“A green economy consists of economic activities that primarily aim to protect the environment, or directly relate to the sustainability of natural resources”.


Green Drinks Noosa - Noosa’s networking event for the environmental sector

  • Do you provide green solutions or are you looking for them?
  • Do you work in clean, green low emissions industries?
  • Are you incorporating net-zero innovation into your business?

Meet like-minded professional greenies at Green Drinks Noosa on the last Thursday of each month.  Green Drinks is a global initiative that we are taking up in Noosa to encourage our hard-working environment sector to build strength and get to know each other and our projects.  Email  for details on the next Green Drinks. 

Green Economy Resources for Businesses

Click here to see programs and initiatives available through the local economic opportunities network (LEO network) to help Queensland local business and industry reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.



To get connected to our green economy ecosystem or stay up to date on this project, please email  us.