Invoicing and Payments

Tax invoices

Australian Taxation Office (ATO) requirements for an invoice include:

  • Suppliers identity
  • Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • An invoice number and date of issue
  • The total amount including GST
  • A brief description of what is sold including quantity and price 

In addition, Council requires that the council issued Purchase Order Number, Contract Reference Number (if applicable) and contact officer must be shown on tax invoices. Please do not supply goods or services without first obtaining one of these numbers from the Council officer.

Invoices that do not have a Purchase Order and Contract Reference Number (if applicable) will be returned to the supplier and delays will occur in the subsequent payment of the invoice.

Submitting invoices

Council has arrangements to ensure tax invoices received through the mail are stamped with the date received, and delivered immediately to Accounts Payable.

If tax invoices are delivered with goods, handed to Council officers, or submitted in any other way, there can be no guarantee that they will reach the Accounts Payable section, and this may result in delayed payment of an invoice.

To ensure an invoice is paid within the agreed payment terms, please email the invoice to Accounts Payable.

Accounts Payable Automation Project

Over the coming months Council will be implementing a new accounts payable automation software which will drive further efficiencies and help streamline end to end invoice processing. To assist with this upgrade and meet the new data capture requirements of this software, all tax invoices submitted for payment will need to detail the following key information:

1) The invoice must be ATO compliant (refer to the ATO website

2) Must be in a PDF format (where possible)

3) Reference a current Council Purchase Order number (i.e. NC012345) which reflects the supply of the goods and services for which the supplier was engaged and for which Council is being invoiced

4) Reference a current ABN (if applicable)

5) All invoices are to be submitted to the central email address of Accounts Payable.

By ensuring these key information requirements are met will help optimise efficiencies and payment processing timeframes.

Payment terms

Council's standard payment terms are thirty (30) days from invoice date.

Payment methods

Council's preferred method of payment is by electronic funds transfer. To enable this, please register as a supplier, provide banking details on a Creditor/Supplier/Creation/Maintenance Form and email the completed form to Accounts Payable.

This form will be emailed to the supplier/business by the council officer engaging the product/service for the first time. Council endeavours to maintain and update supplier details on a regular basis. If any of details change, please email Accounts Payable to update details and prevent any delays in payments occurring.

Purchase orders

When business/supplier is successful with a quotation or tender, they receive an official Purchase Order and sometimes a Letter of Acceptance with a contract reference number. A Purchase Order is essential to confirm an agreement has been made for carrying out works, purchasing goods and/or services, and a supplier/business should not supply goods or services without first obtaining one of these numbers from the Council officer.

The official Council purchase order will be authorised, and will include the name of the supplier, ABN number, contact details, the description of goods/services required, delivery details and price exclusive of GST. Council's Standard Terms and Conditions for Purchase Orders will be provided with the purchase order. It is recommended that the conditions be reviewed prior to conducting business with Council to assess their impact, if any, on the business.

If the purchase order is being raised as part of a contract agreement, the conditions of the contract will prevail over the conditions of the purchase order. If for any reason a supplier/business has concerns or queries regarding a purchase order, please contact the Council’s Contract Administrator.


Suppliers of goods or services wishing to undertake business with Council will be required to hold and maintain certain insurances. The level of required coverage will be dependent on the risk associated with the supply being provided to Council. As a guide, the following may apply:

  • Public Liability Insurance - a level of coverage of at least $20,000,000 (incl. GST) for any one claim is required.
  • Products Liability Insurance - a level of coverage of at least $10,000,000 (incl. GST) for any one claim is required.
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance - a level of coverage required under the contract.
  • Motor Vehicle Indemnity - a level of coverage required under the contract.
  • Work Cover - a level of coverage as required by law.


For general contract and tender enquiries please contact Procurement.

For queries relating to a specific tender currently open, please contact the listed project officer or place a forum post on the relevant VendorPanel Public Tenders forum.

For all Accounts Payable enquiries please contact Accounts Payable.

Current Tenders

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Awarded Tenders

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Council Policies

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