Bushland Reserve Management

Council manages approximately 3,500 hectares of native bushland throughout the Shire for conservation purposes. These natural areas contain a diversity of vegetation types and provide valuable habitat for native animals. They form corridors and refuge areas for the movement of wildlife within the Shire and beyond.  

Council has developed the following two documents : 

  • Draft Bushland Reserve Strategic Management Plan 2021-2026 which identifies reserves that are a priority for environmental management. Management actions focus on protecting and enhancing vegetation and habitat on reserves with the most significant environmental and community values 
  • Draft Bushland Reserve Strategic Fire Management Plan 2021 which identifies priority reserves for fire management actions based on a comprehensive bushfire risk assessment across all 178 reserves. Actions include fire trail works, planned burns and collaborative working arrangements with neighbours and other government agencies. 

Council would like to thank the community for their feedback on the two Draft Bushland Strategic Management Plans. Consultation closed on 22 March 2021 and the finalised plans were endorsed by Council at the Ordinary Meeting on 17 June 2021.   A copy of the plans can be found on link below.

Bushland Reserve Strategic Management Plan 2021-2026 - Endorsed

Bushland Reserve Strategic Fire Management Plan 2021 - Endorsed

Maps of Noosa Shire's bushland reserves are available on this website on the downloadable maps page with more detail available via Interactive Maps.

Noosa Shire also has numerous recreational parks, including the beautiful Noosa Botanic Gardens at Lake Macdonald. For more information, visit the Recreational Parks page.

Bushland reserves also provide a green addition to built-up urban areas and offer opportunities for the community to enjoy nature-based recreation.

What degrades bushland reserves?

Weed invasions, various land use encroachments, inappropriate recreational use and feral animals impact on the environmental and social values of bushland reserves.

Ongoing management in the form of weed and pest control as well as fire-trail maintenance is required to protect these values now and for future generations.

How can residents help?

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