Meet our Facilitators

Meet the facilitators behind the Living Well Seniors classes! 

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Michelle Greene

Michelle Greene 
Mind Body Mentor

With over 20 years immersed in holistic therapies, Michelle has cultivated a rich tapestry of experience that serves as the foundation for Pure Greene, a space to introduce the enriching power of Qigong, Holistic Creative Art Therapy, and other self-care modalities.

Michelle infuses joy into each unique offering which can be experienced via classes, courses, workshops, and multi-day retreats, all facilitated with the intention of fostering harmony among Mind, Body, and Spirit.

"Today, my focus and my joy is sharing the tools for you to create space for the breath & self-healing, to nurture your body, maximise your energy levels and clear & calm your mind. Enhance YOU to be more of YOU.” Michelle


Sue bilous 2

Sue Bilous
Gentle Movement and Mindfulness

Sue is a retired teacher from Victoria and has called Queensland home for the past 17 years. Since moving here, Sue has had the opportunity to follow her passion - volunteering and working in Aged Care. She has also been able to explore the wonderful benefits of Tai Chi and Qigong, training with local instructor, Ian Cameron since 2007.

Sue is very grateful to be able to share this amazing art form with others in the community and witness how these simple gentle exercises affect wonderful health improvements in those who participate. "I hope you are able to join me and experience this practice in mindfulness" Sue.


Eileen vamos lr2 3

Eileen Vamos
Making Meditation Easy

Eileen believes in making meditation simple and enjoyable. As a mindfulness meditation teacher for 17 years, she guides people to enhance their wellbeing, especially when dealing with health issues – stress, anxiety, sleeping problems, pain, and a cancer diagnosis. For several years, her Drift into Sleep CD was on Qantas inflight entertainment.

Eileen started her meditation journey in the 1990s, and has completed several meditation teacher training courses, including the two-year program from DRU Australia. She ‘lives’ the benefits that meditation brings to her life – feelings of peace, clarity for dealing with life’s challenges, and the unlimited potential for personal growth.


Shezi MobarakShezi

Shezi is an accredited Exercise Scientist and has been facilitating sessions for the Living Well Seniors initiative for a number of years in the Noosa Shire.

Her classes are specifically focused on building strength and stability to aid in the prevention of falls. Shezi is passionate about community orientated health promotion and wellness.

She aims to create classes that are an inclusive, social, and enjoyable way to improve physical health. 




Andy Quick Andy Quick
Independance Movement

Andy is a Personal Trainer who has been working almost exclusively with older adults since 2017. With a background in both physical activity and community services, Andy has seen first-hand how protective strength is for wellbeing as we age.

Strength and Stability classes are built around this integration of balance, mobility and overall strength, and use a variety of techniques and equipment to encourage improvement across all levels of fitness or ability. Realising that fun is an integral part of a fulfilling life, Andy facilitates an environment that is friendly, welcoming and enjoyable where good times encourage consistent challenge, growth and achievement, and where you would be most welcome to attend.