Economic Development

Noosa Council’s vision: “Noosa: different by nature”

The Economic Vision seeks to transition to “a Smart Biosphere”

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Historically, the Noosa community has chosen a different path to many other areas from an environmental conservation and destination management perspective and today we are realising the benefits. 

People visit and fall in love with Noosa’s pristine beaches, national parks, lack of city symbols, open spaces, low scale development, the connection between the built and natural environment, UNESCO Biosphere status, the high level of services offered by local businesses and the lifestyle that these elements enable.   

As a result, overtime Noosa has attracted an agglomeration of skilled and talented people - entrepreneurs, remote workers, investors and a myriad of leading edge experts forging development in their field of technical expertise and recently COVID-19 has accelerated this.  

In the absence of population driven economic growth and to support an unwavering commitment to thoughtful management of our destination for locals and visitors, Noosa is focused on developing the means to generate economic activity that supports higher export of goods and services and/or the replacement of imports, is sustainable, has low environmental impact and is future focused. 

Council is committed to pursuing a robust, diverse and resilient local economy that recognises the importance of skilled and talented people; has the necessary infrastructure to accelerate employment growth; supports the sustainability of businesses, industries and technologies; and creates a sustainable business environment that provides a range of diverse employment opportunities.