Sport Strategy and Development

Noosa is recognised as one of Australia’s most desirable places to live, work and visit, thanks to its outstanding beauty, mild subtropical weather and enviable lifestyle. It is also renowned for its active population, ranging in all ages and abilities. Our Sport and Active Recreation team eagerly look for new opportunities, and stay well-informed of the latest trends in sport and sport technology to support our community, sports clubs, and active recreation providers.

The Noosa Sport and Active Recreation Plan provides an understanding of the current position and potential for future development of the local sport and active recreation sector from grass roots to elite participation, including administration and coaching. Additionally, the plan has identified key stakeholders (including Council) and how they support the mechanisms that enable residents and visitors to fully participate in the sector as a provider or participant.


With multiple users on site, our Sports Complex Masterplans identify what the site should look like and how it should function into the future. The master plan considers the next 10-year period from 2020-2030 and guides future sports and active recreation infrastructure development and investment, both by Council and the clubs through grant applications or club capital investments.