Land for Wildlife

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Noosa Shire is located in one of the most biodiverse areas in Australia, with a significant proportion (34%) of remnant native vegetation being in private ownership. Protecting native vegetation on private land contributes to the survival of native plants and animals which rely on particular ecosystems. It also provides links between isolated conservation reserves such as National Parks, assisting wildlife to move freely through the broader landscape. Every landowner has a part to play in providing habitat for our native wildlife. Land for Wildlife is a free, voluntary conservation program that supports landholders who wish to manage part or all of their property for nature conservation.

The Land for Wildlife program welcomes landholders who:

  • have a property with at least 1 hectare of native vegetation or that will be revegetated with a hectare of native vegetation.
  • are interested in integrating nature conservation with other land uses, such as agriculture, grazing or tourism
  • manage part or all of their property as habitat for native plant and animals.

What are the benefits?

When you apply to join the Land for Wildlife program you receive a property visit where an experienced Council Officer will provide advice on the native plants and animals on your property and how to manage issues such as weeds. You will be given written reference material, a sign for your front gate, and a follow up report tailor made for your property. As a Land for Wildlife member you can apply for incentives such as native plants and training in environmental weed management on your property. We can also lend you equipment such as fauna monitoring cameras. You will receive regular newsletters and invitations to free workshops and field days.

As a member of the Land for Wildlife program, you will be part of a growing network of members (currently 320) who are actively managing 2,700 hectares of habitat on their properties.

What are my obligations?

The Land for Wildlife program doesn’t have any impact on your legal property rights, however by joining the program and receiving assistance from Council you are agreeing to make a reasonable effort to manage your property for nature conservation.

How can I get involved?

To discuss the Land for Wildlife program, contact Council's Conservation Partnerships Officer at or call (07) 5329 6500.

Find more information on the Land for Wildlife website and brochure