Land for Wildlife

Land for Wildlife is a free, voluntary conservation program that supports landholders who wish to manage part or all of their property as native wildlife habitat.

The program welcomes landholders who:

  • have a property with at least 1 hectare of native vegetation (exceptions may apply for educational, community-owned or other properties)
  • are interested in integrating nature conservation with other land uses, such as agriculture, grazing or tourism
  • manage part or all of their property as habitat for native plant and animals.

What are the benefits?

As a member of the Land for Wildlife program you will be managing valuable environmental assets on your property.

These activities will have broader environmental benefits such as connecting patches of bushland, reducing the impacts of weeds and soil erosion, improving soil health, improving water quality in creeks and improving wildlife passage across the landscape.

In South East Queensland there are nearly 3,900 landholders managing 50,000 hectares of habitat for wildlife with a further 3,700 hectares under restoration.

You will also receive free onsite land management advice tailored to your property, access to resources and opportunities to attend and/or host field days and meet like-minded people.

How can I get involved?

To discuss your interests, simply phone Council's Conservation and Community Partnerships Officer on 0419 672 813 or via email.

For more information on the Land for Wildlife program including Land for Wildlife newsletters visit Land for Wildlife Southeast Queensland.