Councillor Reporting

Noosa Council’s elected Council is made up of six Councillors and the Mayor.  The role of Councillors is to represent the community. They make decisions that benefit the whole Noosa Shire region, now and into the future.

Councillors must at all times comply with the Code of Conduct for Councillors in Queensland which details the standards of behaviour Councillors must adhere to in the performance of their duties. Complaints about Councillors are generally investigated by the Office of the Independent Assessor.  The outcomes of complaints are recorded in the Councillor Conduct Register.

Councillors must also declare their financial and non-financial particulars in a Register of Interests.  Registers provide transparency in local government decision making and must be amended within 30 days of any change to their interests.  View the current and past Registers of Interests for our Councillors.

Councillors are reimbursed reasonable expenses incurred while undertaking Council business and are provided with appropriate facilities to assist them in undertaking their duties.  Noosa Council does not provide vehicles, mobile phones or home office supplies to Councillors however Councillors are provided with allowances to cover these expenses. For more information, view our Councillors’ Expenses Reimbursement and Provision of Facilities Policy.

Annual Councillor reporting

Details on Councillor remuneration, expenses and meeting attendance can be found in the latest Council Annual Report.