Disclosure Log

Council's disclosure log provides details of non-personal documents released as a result of access applications made under the Queensland Right to Information Act 2009 (RTI Act).

The disclosure log provides a summary of documents that are available and considered to be of interest to the wider public.

Under the RTI Act, information of a sensitive nature, for example, personal details, are removed from the documents prior to their release.

The disclosure log below contains a summary of the information requested and released.

New documents are added to Council’s Disclosure Log after being released to the applicant who requested them via a formal Right to Information application.  However, Council does not add documents to the Disclosure Log for all applications.  Documents will not be added to the Log if they contain the applicant’s personal information or meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • The publication is prevented by law;
  • Contain defamatory information;
  • The publication would unreasonably invade an individual’s privacy or cause substantial harm to an entity;
  • Confidential in nature, communicated in confidence or protected from disclosure under a contract; or would allow such information to be ascertained;
  • There would be limited (or no) value in publishing the information, particularly if it lacks significance or demand;
  • The information, or significant parts of it, have already been published elsewhere;
  • Another clear reason, at the discretion of Council.

Released documents (post 2021) can be downloaded directly from the below Disclosure Log.  Any pre 2021 released documents can be requested by emailing  governance@noosa.qld.gov.au

Decision date Reference Description
21/12/2023 RTI23/0012 Noosa Boating Fishing Alliance, Submission to Council
11/09/2023 RTI23/0007 Council records of encroachments from private properties along the eastern beaches onto the adjoining coastal land
05/07/2022 RTI22/0010 Identification Survey Plan IS311665 – Lake Doonella Foreshore (Werin St to Moorindil St)
20/04/2022 RTI22/0003 Documents relating to the use and operation of the Noosa Airport
16/02/2022 RTI22/0002 Documents relating to the use and operation of the Noosa Airport
17/12/2021 RTI21/0017 Documents relating to the use and operation of the Noosa Airport
21/05/2021 RTI21/0002 Documents relating to the use and operation of the Noosa Airport
20/05/2021 RTI21/0001 Documents relating to Stage 5 of the Cooroy Noosa Rd roadway upgrade
22/03/2021 RTI21/0003 Documents relating to Centre Zone categories and/or Noosa Business Centre for the draft and finalised 2020 New Noosa Town Plan
09/11/2020 RTI20-0017 Trustee Permit grant for the Peregian Beach Surf Lifesaving Club and market permit granted for the Peregian Beach park
22/09/2020 RTI20-0012 Cooroy Noosa Road improvement roadworks
05/08/2020 RTI20-0011 November 2019 Cooroibah Bushfire documents
23/09/2019 RTI19-0013 Peregian Beach Expression of Interest Surf Lifesaving Sunshine Coast Club Tender Documents
30/07/2019 RTI19-0010 Ownership of the Noosa Beach Classic Car Club shed
05/07/2019 RTI19-0008 Maintenance of vegetation in Emerald St, Cooroy
04/06/2019 RTI19-0007 Trees in Emerald Street, Cooroy
13/05/2019 RTI19-0005 Peregian Beach storm beach profile data collection
08/11/2018 RTI18-0012 Sunshine Beach Access Pathway No. 31
20/04/2018 RTI18-0003 Peregian Beach Family and Friends letter to the Mayor and response
15/04/2018 RTI18-0002 Gympie Terrace bike path
31/03/2016 RTI16-0005 Details about parking infringements in the Noosa area
24/08/2015 RTI15-0006 Details about parking infringement statistics in the Noosa area
10/01/2014 RTI14-0012 Details about disability infringements and statistics