Accessing Information

How to access information managed by Council

Council is committed to being open and transparent. It provides information to the public about:

  • Council businesses
  • Council activities
  • Council services.

Much of this information is in documents which make up Council's Publication Scheme.

Publication scheme

Individuals can access this information online by:

  • browsing the seven groups of information in the Publication Scheme.
  • using the site search. The search option is in the top right corner of each web page.

If the information is not online, a person can request it by contacting council or send an email to our Governance Officer.

Disclosure log

Released documents (post 2021) can be downloaded directly from Council’s Disclosure LogAny pre 2021 released documents can be requested by emailing or by sending a written request to:     

Governance Branch 
Noosa Council
PO Box 141
Tewantin  QLD  4565

Adminstrative Access Scheme

The Administrative Access Scheme allows public access to certain information held by Council through an efficient process.

Where appropriate, Council will release information under its Scheme. To find out more, read the Fact Sheet.

Accessing and amending your personal information

The Information Privacy Act 2009 (IP Act) allows individuals to apply for access to documents containing their personal information. 'Personal Information' is defined as "information or an opinion, including information or an opinion forming part of a database, whether true or not, and whether recorded in a material form or not, about an individual whose identity is apparent, or can reasonably be ascertained, from the information or opinion." If an individual is making an IP Act access application, they will only receive documents containing their own personal information.

The IP Act also allows a person to make an application to have their personal information amended if they believe it is:-

  • incomplete
  • inaccurate
  • out of date or
  • misleading.

Please refer to Making an Application for more information about this process.

Further information

If a person has questions about access and Right to Information or Information Privacy, they can contact council or email our Governance Officer.