Disaster Recovery 2022 Floods

Golden gully flood 2022

The rainfall and flooding in early 2022 caused extensive damage across Noosa Shire.  

Reconstruction has been challenging given the extent of damage, the complexity of repair required at some sites, and the availability of resources. Work is now well underway, and Council is targeting to reconstruct 31 landslides, 15 water crossings/drainage plus other smaller works by the end of 2024. 

The flood recovery effort for Noosa Council estimated to have a construction cost in excess of $100m, is jointly funded by the Commonwealth-State Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements (DRFA), which is administered by the Queensland Reconstruction Authority. DRFA funding allows for the reinstatement of assets to the functional use existing prior to the disaster event.

While reconstruction is underway, Council asks residents to:

  • Remain cautious on the roads and drive to conditions.  
  • Be aware of changed traffic conditions and do not enter areas that are signposted as closed.
  • Understand that some repairs are temporary until a more permanent fix can be completed.
  • Understand that some areas will have safety signs in place until permanent repairs can be completed. 

We thank residents for their patience during these works.

For updates about current road closures please visit Council's Disaster Dashboard.

For information about reconstruction occurring in your area, refer to the information below.

Priority reconstruction

The Black Mountain landslide and Black Pinch Road landslips have been identified as priority reconstruction.

Keep up to date with Black Mountain landslide reconstruction.

Keep up to date with the Black Pinch Road reconstruction.

Information on repairs by location

  • For information on the reconstruction of landslide and landslips on Black Mountain Road visit the dedicated Black Mountain Road portal.

    • Cooroy Belli Creek Road: 
      • Reconstruction is underway adjacent to numbers 673 and 703 Cooroy-Belli Creek Road.
      • Construction started in early 2024 and is expected to be completed in July 2024, weather permitting.
      • One lane is closed through the site during work hours.
      • Please refer to the Project News for more information.
    • Multiple locations:
      • Grading completed at Crawfords Road, Geevers Road, Evans Road, Black Mountain Road and Blankensee Road. 
    • Woongar Street: 
      • The reconstruction of damaged drainage infrastructure, including demolition and reconstruction fo the road started in November.
      • Construction is now completed and the operaiton of the road restored.
      • Please see the Project News for more information.
    • Boreen Point Foreshore:  
      • Sand was delivered to revitalise the Lake Cootharaba foreshore in November.
      • Turfing was completed and the "moon seat" reinstated.
    • Coles Creek Road:
      • Reconstruction of the concrete culvert near 511 Coles Creek Road was completed in December 2023.
      • Please see the Project news  for more information and works completed.
    • Schreibers Road near number 269:
      • Reconstruction of the concrete culvert over Coles Creek is needed.
      • The site is eligible for Betterment Funding, which is provided by the Australian and Queensland Governments to allow Councils to rebuild essential assets to a more resilient standard to better withstand the impact of future natural disasters.
      • Design will be finalised in mid-2024.
    • Schreibers Road near numbers 159 and 390:
      • Work to reconstruct damaged culverts took place between September and December 2023.
      • See the Project news for more information about works completed.
    • Schreibers and Tablelands Roads 
      • Road grading completed.
    • Cooroy-Belli Creek Road: Reconstruction of landslips adjacent to #179 Cooroy-Belli Creek Road.
      • These works are scheduled to start in April 2024 and will take approximately three months to complete, weather and construction conditions permitting.
      • Project news - April 2024
    • Cooroy-Belli Creek Road: Further landslip damage occurred near 490 Cooroy-Belli Creek Road
      • These works are being completed as a separate project to the damage near number 179.
      • Construction started in early 2024 and is expected to be finished in May 2024, weather permitting.
      • Please see the Project News for more information about these works.
    • Musa Vale Road:
      • The single-lane section of Musa Vale Road sustained damage and is currently being repaired.  
      • Construction is underway, with a sidetrack open during work hours to provide directly impacted residents with access. 
      • Project news - March 2024
    • Multiple locations: Road grading was completed at Bagnalls, Wust and Musa Vale Roads as part of the flood recovery effort.


    • Black Pinch Road: There are four landslip sites on Black Pinch Road that require reconstruction –adjacent to numbers 241, 266, 317, and 325, as well as the Twin Hills lookout.
      • Reconstruction work started in February 2024 and will be completed in October 2024, weather permitting.
      • Please see the Project News for more information
    • Cootharaba Road: Reconstructions works are underway to repair damage between 168 and 171 Cootharaba Road.
      • The road is closed during work hours, with a detour in place via Louis Bazzo Drive.
      • Please see the Project News for more information.
    • Kinmond Creek Road: Reconstruction of concrete culvert adjacent to #88 and #62 is now complete.
    • Simpsons Road:  Repairs are underway to a landslip adjacent to number 54 Simpsons Road.
      • Reconstruction started in March 2024 and is expected to be completed in May 2024, weather permitting.
      • Please see the Project News for more information.
    • Multiple locations: Grading as part of flood reconstruction was completed on Andersons Road, Uhlmanns Road, Christies Road, Middle Creek Road, Sankeys Road and Skyring Creek Road.
    • Multiple locations: Grading as part of flood reconstruction was completed on Andersons Road, Uhlmanns Road, Christies Road, Middle Creek Road, Sankeys Road, and Skyring Creek Road.
    • Golden Gully Road: Reconstruction has been completed on the concrete culvert and floodway adjacent to numbers 87 and 116 Golden Gully Road.
    • Multiple locations: Road grading was completed at multiple locations in Kin Kin as part of flood recovery works.
      • These were Eastern Branch Creek Road, Arthur Stubbins Road, Bunneys Lane, Francis Road, Gradys Lane, Jeremys Lane, Moran Group Road, Murrays Road, Paulsens Road, Pender Creek Road, Perseverance Road, Sheppersons Lane, Strattons Road, Bunneys Lane, Murrays Road, and Paulens Road.
    • Old Tewantin Road: Work is now complete on repairs to water crossings near 62 and 68 Old Tewantin Road that were damaged during the 2022 flood event.
    • Weyba Esplanade: Construction repairs have been completed on a landslip that occurred on Weyba Esplanade along the river edge.
    • Please refer to the Project News for details.
    • Upper Pinbarren Creek Road: Water Crossings.
      • The water crossings near numbers 237 and 363 Upper Pinbarren Creek have now been reconstructed.
      • Please see the Project News for more information.
    • Upper Pinbarren Creek Road: Road damage.
      • Contractors have started work to undertake flood reconstruction on nine sites from 376 to 516 Upper Pinbarren Crekk Roadk. construction will take until the end of the year, weather and construction conditions permitting.
      • Please see the Project News for more information.
    • Multiple locations: Road grading was completed on Bazzo Road, Road 41, Grahams Road, and Upper Pinbarren Creek Road.
    • Bakers Road: Reconstruction works are being completed to stabilise landslip damage that is compromising the safety and usability of the road.
      • Construction is expected to be completed in May 2024, weather permitting.  
    • Multiple loactions: Road grading in Pomona was completed at Bakers Road, McCabes Road, and Porters Road.
    • Happy Jack Creek Road: Landslip damage occurred on Happy Jack Road near number 19.
      • Reconstruction of this damage started in March 2024, with a full road closure required and a detour in place. Work is expected to be completed in June 2024, weather permitting.
      • For further information about the works, please refer to the Project News  [564 KB]
    • Old Ceylon Road: Reconstruction and stabilisation of landslips near number 130 Old Ceylon Road is now complete.
      • The Project News [1.03 MB] provides further information about these works.
    • Sobraon Street: The intersection of Vernon and Sobraon streets at Sunrise Beach sustained significant damage. Reconstruction of the slope was finished in October 2023.
      •  Please refer to the Project News [771kB] for further information.

Support available for affected residents

  • The Red Cross has published a series of resources to help people recover from the effects of disaster.

    Crisis support is available through organisations such as Lifeline. Call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or log onto the Lifeline website.

    The National Recovery and Resilience Agency provides information about mental health and wellbeing support before, during, and after a disaster. Talking to a professional can help you process your reactions and develop healthy coping strategies.

    Funding assistance

    Following major disasters, the State and Federal Governments offer assistance.

    Crisis support is available through organisations such as Lifeline. Call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or log onto the Lifeline website.

  • To find out what funding may be available to residents impacted by flooding please visit Council's More Grants and Guidance page.

Pontoon: The Polystyrene ‘White Spill’ Disaster

This short film explores the impact of the polystyrene pollution that occured along Noosa's eastern beaches during severe weather and flooding in February/March 2022.

18 large polystyrene pontoons washed north from Brisbane during the weather event came ashore on Noosa’s east coast beaches.

The large, waterlogged pontoons, comprised of concrete, polystyrene and plastic, were extremely difficult to remove.

Tonnes of polystyrene spread across beaches, creating the ‘White Spill’ pollution disaster.

Through interviews, media coverage and local footage, the film includes many perspectives to arrive at some key lessons learned.