Disaster Recovery 2022 Floods

Golden gully flood 2022

The rain event in early 2022 severely impacted Noosa Shire roads, resulting in issues such as landslides, damaged water crossings and storm water outlets, plus other road damage. 

As the floodwaters receded, council staff and contractors have been busy assessing the damage and developing plans for reconstruction.  Some assets have now been fixed but there are still some awaiting action. 

Council and the Queensland Reconstruction Authority (QRA) are aware of the extent of the damage and are working on reconstruction plans.  Council asks residents to: 

  • Have patience.
  • Remain cautious on the roads and drive to conditions.   
  • Be aware of changed traffic conditions and do not enter areas that are signposted as closed.
  • Understand that some repairs are temporary until a more permanent fix can be completed.
  • Understand that some areas will have safety signs in place until permanent repairs can be completed. 

For updates about current road closures please visit council's Disaster Dashboard.

Significant repairs

Works are being prioritised to ensure isolated communities are supported. In some instances, reconstruction work cannot begin until engineering testing is completed, which in some areas has been delayed due to the ongoing wet weather.

Please note that despite the appearance of lack of action at some sites, work preparing the design for reconstruction of these repairs is being undertaken.  Then the actual reconstruction may take many months to complete. 

The remediation and resilience building of many of these sites has a high-cost impact on Council.  Where possible, Council is working with State and Federal governments to access funds through the Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangement (DRFA) which is administered by the Queensland Reconstruction Authority.  The funding grants are still in the process of being released so Council is working on preparation of works with funding available and undertaking planning for those works still awaiting funding. 

Council will regularly update these pages as progress is made.

Mental Health and Wellbeing Support

The Red Cross has published a series of resources to help people recover from the effects of disaster.

Crisis support is available through organisations such as Lifeline. Call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or log onto the Lifeline website.

The National Recovery and Resilience Agency provides information about mental health and wellbeing support before, during, and after a disaster. Talking to a professional can help you process your reactions and develop healthy coping strategies.

Funding assistance

Following major disasters, the State and Federal Governments offer assistance.

Crisis support is available through organisations such as Lifeline. Call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or log onto the Lifeline website.

Disaster recovery funding available

To find out what funding may be available to residents impacted by flooding please visit Council's More Grants and Guidance page.