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The waste and recycling industry in Australia is changing and becoming more innovative. Increased investment in new technologies and new recovery programs are shifting away from static solutions to support a more circular economy. As Noosa Council shifts from waste to resources following the Draft Waste Strategy, we want to help our community keep up to date with all the great local recycling and recovery opportunities.

Council have partnered with Recycle Mate - an initiative of the Australian recycling industry - to bring you leading interactive tools, customised for the Noosa region. Helping you stay up to date with local recycling and resource recovery options is crucual to achieving the goal of diverting 80% of waste from landfill by 2030.

Recycling right, donating or repairing reusable items and safely disposing of dangerous goods are actions we can all undertake every day, to help divert resources from landfill and minimise our environmental footprint.

Your local sorting guide

Every feel confused about what items go in which bin?

Search the Noosa Sorting Guide to check what is recyclable and can go into your recycling bin or to find if there is a nearby away-from-home recycling and recovery or safe disposal option for your item.

With an item directory of over 7,000 items, our guide is connected to a national program which is constantly updated from community searches across Australia.  Every question asked helps Recycle Mate continually improve this resource - if an answer isn’t immediately available, your question will be logged, and Recycle Mate will work to find you the answer.

Simply enter the item’s name in the search field.

Your local opportunities map

Are you aware of all the amazing opportunities to recycle, repair, donate and safely dispose of dangerous items across the Noosa Shire?

Find your local away-from-home options at a glance with our interactive Noosa Shire map. From Container For Change deposit locations and charity stores, to safe disposal and repair networks, zoom and click to find the details for facilities near you. 

Is your favourite local recycler, repairer, recovery store (charity store) or safe disposal collection point not featured in the local opportunities map above? Contact Noosa Council Customer Service for more information.

Try our clever Recycling Chatbot

Still curious to learn more, or do you have a more specific question?

If still in doubt, just ask – in English or another language!  Want to know the latest on soft plastic recycling or why it’s so important to keep recycling…. see if we can help you find the answer!

Meet Recycle Mate

Do you find it frustrating when recycling systems are different in other Council areas?

You can download the free Recycle Mate app to receive accurate recycling advice for the Noosa Shire and every other Council area across Australia.  The app will relocate you and link to the local recycling systems.