Noosa Council has endorsed a 27-point action plan to better protect Noosa Shire's koalas.

Residents and wildlife groups contributed to the development of the Noosa Shire Koala Conservation Plan (PDF), which Council is now rolling out. The Koala Fact Sheet provides quick facts.

Council received a wide range of suggestions during the public consultation process, from relocating koalas to preventing development in known koala areas.

The input from the community and local koala activists has been critical to developing the Conservation Plan. Council is committed to working together with the community to ensure that koalas remain an essential component of Noosa’s biodiversity.

Koala Health

Council is supporting efforts to ensure the survival of Noosa’s local koalas and is working hard to understand more about their health, whereabouts and the threats they face.

Council is assisting with a koala health mapping project being run by scientists from the University of the Sunshine Coast. This important work is being funded in part by the Noosa Biosphere® Reserve Foundation.

The research will help Council better understand the overall health of Noosa’s koala populations and the genetic diversity across the shire.

Tree Protection and Infrastructure

Council has included stronger tree protections in recent planning scheme amendments and is also looking at the effectiveness of its koala infrastructure such as roadside fences and underpasses.

Wild Dog Control

Greater wild dog control has been included in the action plan as wild dogs are one of the biggest threats koalas face.

Working with State Government

Council is working within State Government legislation and guidelines, particularly with regards to development issues or translocating native animals.

The State Government is increasingly aware of the need to protect the future viability of this iconic species. Council is currently working with the Noosa Parks Association and State Government on a significant koala habitat recovery project in the Yurol-Ringtail State Forest area.

Implementing the Koala Conservation Plan - how residents can continue to help

Council, with assistance from the Noosa community and koala experts, can continue to implement the Koala Conservation Plan. Here are some ways residents can help:

  • Always keep domestic animals in control at all times
  • When driving, be on the look-out for koalas, observe koala road signs and reduce driving speed in bushland areas and at dawn and dusk.
  • Protect koala food trees on properties and be involved with tree planting projects such as National Tree Day.
  • Report any koala sightings to Council’s Customer Service phone (07) 5329 6500. This information helps improve the accuracy of the studies.