Business Boost

Looking to boost your business?  

Council's Business Boost Program  provides Noosa businesses with free access to specialist advisors across key business focus areas. 

Not sure how to employ additional staff? Want some advice on how to use digital marketing to grow your business? Interested in business mentoring? Access our specialist Business Advisors for free.

New category - Energy, Circular Economy and Sustainable Operations  

Employing sustainable practices is essential for businesses across sector to stay competitive in today’s evolving market landscape. Not only will it help to minimize your environmental impact and future proof your business, employing sustainable practices can also improve profitability, business improvement and productivity.

The new sustainability advisors in the Business Boost program will help local businesses get started with their sustainability goals, optimise energy usage, and incorporate circularity into business practices. 

Noosa Council's subsidised Business Boost Program provides Noosa businesses with support across key business focus areas: 

  1. NEW: Energy, Circular Economy & Sustainable Operations 
  2. Business Planning & Innovation
  3. HR
  4. E-Commerce & Digital Strategy 
  5. Communications & Marketing 
  6. Arts & Culture 
  7. Business Mentoring Noosa 

How Business Boost works

Noosa business owners/operators can access up to 2 hours free personalised support from one of our Advisors. 

You can arrange a one on one (face to face or virtual) appointment for up to 2 hours by directly contacting one of the below Advisors.  The Business Advisor will provide specific advice to your business needs. 

Eligibility to access the Business Support Panel: 

  • You are a local business wanting professional advice to start, grow, or adapt your business in one of the specialist advice areas listed.
  • Your business has an ABN with a registered business address in the Noosa Shire.

How to access 

To engage one of the Business Boost  specialists, contact the provider directly on the contact details listed on this page.  

Businesses may access support from no more than 3 Panelists, with each from a different focus area or category. * * Excluding Sustainability & Energy - all three experts can be engaged in this category given their different specilaties. 

The Business Boost Service is an initiative of the Noosa Council Economic Development team.

List of Providers 


    Electricity Cost Reduction Circular Economy  Sustainable Operations 

    1. Electricity Cost Reduction

    EnergyFlex is a leading energy data and insights company that's revolutionising the way Australians interact with and think about energy. The free EnergyFlex tool empowers users to maximise the value of their ‘energy asset’ by understanding how they use energy, and optimising their use through small, practical changes in when and how they use electricity.


    Receive a free two-hour onsite guidance session with an energy expert, such as EnergyFlex founder and Noosa local Garry Harding, to identify opportunities for your business to: 

    • Understand the financial and environmental impact of your energy use,
    • Identify opportunities to shift your usage into greener, cheaper times,
    • Significantly cut your energy bills,
    • Discover your next best action to reduce cost, and
    • Accurately measure and manage your electricity-based carbon emissions.


    EnergyFlex will teach you how to embrace the renewable energy transition and match your business (and household) energy use with cheap, clean renewables in the grid, so you can improve your business resilience and viability and reduce your reliance on fossil fuels at the same time.

    Guided by your personalised EnergyFlex Rating, which measures how well you use renewable energy, you’ll be empowered to take no-cost, low-cost, and investment actions that get you into the habit of doing things differently – EnergyFlex will show you how.

    Business Boost


    Cost: Free (Up to 2 hours) 

    Contact details  
    Garry Harding 
    Mobile: 0414 279 681



    2. Circular Economy 

    Karina Seljak is co-founder of Seljak Brand, the creator of award-winning closed loop blankets, which was established in 2016. Karina is an advocate for circular design and business practices, delivering key note presentations and masterclasses at university institutions, festivals and conferences around Australia. 


    Karina leverages a full spectrum of experience in evolving ethical brands and sustainable product ranges from launch through vital growth periods. With tactile experience in design, manufacturing, operating her own enterprise and building a brand around circular solutions, Karina will guide to consider how your business can embed circularity to reduce waste, introduce new revenue streams and meaningful customer touch-points, and increase your brand value.

    • Textiles specialisation in the regenerative possibilities of fibres, recycled fibres and textiles recycling
    • Stakeholder engagement, relationship management and leveraging the broader circularity ecosystem
    • Manufacturing, diversification, scaling, logistics and 3PL strategy for local and global supply chains 
    • Circular design advice for MVPs and launching products, as well as product range planning 
    • Branding, marketing and communications for circular business initiatives and models
    • Product life extension including care, repair, swap and rent business models
    • Design direction for disassembly and product end-of-life solutions 
    • Materials sourcing considerations for circularity and sustainability
    • Social enterprise business models and impact models
    • Customer journeys, touch-points and education
    Karina Seljak


    Cost: Free (Up to 2 hours) 

    Contact details 
    Karina Seljak 
    Instagram: Seljak Brand



    3. Sustainable Operations

    Sustainable Happiness offers a wide range of consulting services custom to your business needs and vision.  Whether it is to increase your market share with eco-creditation, save costs or improve your environmental impact we can always work with what you have now and help you balance people, planet and prosperity with local successful solutions.


    2 hours onsite audit to capture the low hanging fruit, define your Sustainability vision and assess your starting point.  This can be used as a training session for your team to get them started in Sustainability, a walk-around discussion with owners/engineers or maintenance crew or a Physical venue audit including energy, water and waste.

    You will receive written recommendations within 7 days with some problem-solving advice, techniques and local suppliers if available.

    Cost: Free (Up to 2 hours) 

    Contact details 
    Amanda Pummer
    Mobile: 0422 877 162
    Linked In: Amanda Pummer 

  • 1. Causeway Innovation 

    Making Innovation Happen

    Generating & Implementing valuable new business ideas 

    This service is aimed at owner managers of small and mid-sized businesses in the Noosa Shire. The focus is looking at the big picture by considering personal and business objectives & then generating key strategies to help achieve them. 


    Online consultation – typically 60 to 75 mins - to help business owner managers to identify opportunities to add value and grow the business through innovation. This is a chance to step back from the day-to-day business and think about what you would like to achieve over the next few years – ideas to boost your business and make it more fun to run. An opportunity to:

    •    Consider your personal and business objectives for the next 3 years and beyond.
    •    Identify the gap between current position and where you want to be.
    •    Generate new ideas and new ways of doing business.
    •    Review your business model to identify different ways of doing business and generating profit.
    Cost FREE 




    Colin Graham 
    Telephone: 0418 594 545
    Web: Causeway Innovation
    Linked in: Colin Graham 


  • 1. Humaneer  

    humaneer is the global home for HR. We offer HR consulting services to small and medium businesses and partner with you to help you achieve your business goals. We are people led, offer smart and simple solutions, and work with you to set you up for the future. 

    Depending on where you are at, we like to start with the basics:

    • HR Compliance - we ensure you have everything in place for where you are in business and staffing/employment needs 
    • Understanding the business strategy and commercial goals
    • Running an engagement program to understand where your people are in terms of engagement, and understanding what is important to them
    • Build our HR strategies to support your business and commercial goals 


    COST:  2 hours for free Business Boost

    Mobile: 0410 959 202
    Website: Humaneer
    Linkedin: Kimberly Burns 

  • 1. HULK Media  

    HULK Media is a data-driven marketing consultancy with over 25 years of experience and demonstrated results in business growth. We believe the core of all business and marketing decisions are anchored in how effectively your brand engages your audience at every touchpoint they have with your brand – before, during, and after they buy. Our data-driven approach helps businesses make informed marketing decisions that are grounded in facts and grow revenue.


    If you're looking for specialist business guidance no matter the industry, or size, if it’s a start-up or ASX listed, book a 90-minute consultation with HULK Media.

    We specialise in

    • Digital Marketing & Strategy – Google, Display, Social Media
    • Website – useability, engagement, eCommerce, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
    • Digital Transformation & Innovation
    • Business Modeling & Optimisation
    • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) – what software is best for your business, lead nurture, lead scoring 
    • Sales


    Before we meet, we will get a good understanding of your business to maximise our time together and follow up our conversation with a written review, including our recommendations.

    Cost: Free 
    Contact Hulk Media
    Mobile: 0416 306 675
    Video: Hulk Media




    2. BWitched 

    BWitched is an independent digital marketing and advertising consultant with over 17 years experience focusing on conscious marketing.


    Our consultation will take 60-90 minutes, either via Zoom or in person (depending on location) and is for small to medium size business and organizations.

    You will receive an online questionnaire beforehand and BWitched will follow up with a summary and next steps after our meeting.

    BWitched can assist with the following areas: 

    E-Commerce, which can include: 

    • Quick website audit based on e-commerce best practice (usability etc) 
    • Quick marketing and platform audit 
    • Define gaps
    • Recommendations on what to focus on next 

    Digital Marketing Audit, which can include:  

    • Assess current digital marketing activity (including advertising)
    • Discuss recent developments in the digital world
    • Understand what works &  what doesn’t
    • Define gaps
    • Recommendations on what can be improved

    Communications & Marketing, which can include:

    • Social Media best practice 
    • Paid digital advertising (Facebook/Instagram advertising, Google ads, Microsoft Ads, Native Advertising)
    • Marketing challenges 
    • Define marketing objectives 
    • How to reasearch your competitive landscape 
    • Your ideal customer 
    • Marketing Strategy 


    FREE (up to 2 hours)Marketing



    Contact details 
    Yvonne Pflieger
    Telephone: 0438 693 158 


  • BWitched

    An independent digital marketing and advertising consultant with over 17 years experience focusing on conscious marketing.


    Our consultation will take 60-90 minutes, either via Zoom or in person (depending on location) and is for small to medium size business and organizations.

    You will receive an online questionnaire beforehand and I will follow up with a summary and next steps after our meeting.

    The consultation can include:

    • Social Media best practice 
    • Paid digital advertising (Facebook/Instagram advertising, Google ads, Microsoft Ads, Native Advertising)
    • Marketing challenges 
    • Define marketing objectives 
    • How to reasearch your competitive landscape 
    • Your ideal customer 
    • Marketing Strategy 


    We also offer a  Digital Marketing Audit  and E-Commerce Support.   (please refer to those topics on this page for more information) 



    Contact details Marketing

    Yvonne Pflieger
    Telephone: 0438 693 158 



  • Lyn Allen Consulting 

    There a range of Business Grants that are published throughout the year which are highly competitive.  Writing a successful grant can be hard work and take time .  It is very important to understand and communicate how you will develop your project, explain clearly how you are eligible and meet the grant criteria.  


    Council is offering up to two hours grant submission support to eligible organisations.  This can be used to:

    • Determine eligibility for a grant
    • Outline the requirements for grant preparation and grant outline
    • Review your written grant application

    (eligibility limited to business related grants only)



    Lyn Allen
    Lyn Allen Consulting 
    Contact:  Lyn Allen 
    Mobile: 0401 116 894
    Web:  Lyn Allen Consulting 
    LinkedIn: Lyn Allen 

  • Kevin Wilson - Curator and Arts Writer  

    Personalised  assistance from an experienced visual arts curator, consultant, and writer who has directed and worked across major public galleries in Melbourne, Brisbane, Albury and Noosa covering fine art, craft and design and social history. Founder of the Linden Postcard Show and the Noosa Floating Land art and environment project.


    Kevin Wilson can assist you to understand where your practice is positioned within the ecology of the art world and how you can develop strategies to develop it further. Kevin can provide critical feedback on your work and offer detailed advice on:

    • Applying for exhibitions and grants
    • Writing about your work 
    • Marketing your work
    • Running your art practice as a business

    Cost FREE (up to 2 hours)Kevin


    Contact details 
    Kevin Wilson
    Telephone: 0423 186 862
    Email:Kevin Wilson
    Instagram: @kevincurator 
    Video: Kevin Wilson



  • Business Mentoring Noosa is a voluntary organisation that helps local small businesses address new opportunities, resolve business issues or address skills issues through the one to one mentoring of business owners.

    As part of the Panel, Business Mentoring Noosa are offering Noosa based businesses one free mentoring session (up to one hour) to provide the opportunity for businesses to assess suitability before committing to the membership and mentoring program. 

    *Please note that this is an addtional offer and does not count towards the limit of three service providers permitted under this program 

    Please email Business Mentoring Noosa directly to take up this offer.  

    Email: Business Mentoring Noosa
    Website: Business Mentoring Noosa 
    Telephone: 5406 1291

*Businesses can access up to a total of three suppliers, with no more than one from each different category. (excluding Sustainability & Energy.  All three suppliers can be used from this category given thir different specialties. 

Disclaimer: Please note that the advice offered will only be recommendations made by these panellists and does not constitute formal advice.   Noosa Council accepts no liability for the accuracy, reliability, currency or completeness of the advice provided to any business by any Panellist  to which you have consulted.  Council will not be liable for any loss or damage arising out of the use of, or reliance on the advice provided to you by these panellists. Council has relied on information provided by the  service providers in assessing their suitablity for involvement in the Panel and does not guarantee the suitability or quality of each provider. Eligible businesses should satisfy themselves that the professional they have engaged is suitable for their needs.