Subsidised Business Support Services

Looking to refresh?  Not sure how your business will look or operate in the post COVID economy?  Looking to make sure you're on track in this environment or just want to discuss your options with  a business professional,  Noosa Council can help.

Noosa Council has engaged  local professional service providers to support and advise businesses as they operate in this environment. Businesses wishing to review and/or refresh their operations as we enter a post COVID economy, are encouraged to take up the below offers.   

In the first instance, we recommend that businesses work with their existing providers who are familiar with your business.

Subsidised by Council, business operators and owners can arrange a one on one (face to face or virtual) appointment to receive advice on specific issues.   Offers are described below and are wholly subsidised by Council. 

The areas of expertise on offer are:

  1. Business Support  
  2. Human Resources/Employee 
  3. Communications and Marketing 
  4. Innovation and Business Models
  5. Moving to an Online Retailing Model


  • To participate, businesses must have a registered business address in the Noosa Shire 
  • To engage a provider, please contact the provider directly.

List of Providers 

  • BizWhiz Business Solutions


    Business Health Check/ Business Support Meeting 

    We will meet with you and conduct an overview of the current financial health of your business, and to importantly understand your current situation and any critical decisions you need to make. We will isolate your main business concerns and opportunities, and will follow up with an action plan to help support your immediate business strategies.

    Submit your details on this form to book your FREE Business Health Check and Support Meeting: 
    Contact Information - FREE Business Health Check 

    Cost: FREE

    Contact Details
    Kirsten Norman
    1300 883 045
    Web:  Biz Whiz Business Solutions  
    Linked in: Kirsten Norman 


    More Money Business Solutions 


    Jump Start Profit Acceleration Assessment

    The Benefits for the business owner:

    • Uncovers breakthroughs across 12 areas of your business
    • It’s going to show us what to do first, then 2nd, then 3rd, and so on
    • It’s going to show us how much more revenue and profits you should be able to earn in the next year
    • It’s going to give us the exact steps to take to make that happen
    • And because we only need small changes over a few areas to see massive growth, the changes we make will cause very little disruption to your current business.

    The sessions run for 90 minutes and businesses will receive a full report and roadmap that they can implement.

    Cost: FREE

    Contact details                 
    Michele Purvis
    0427 274 105
    Linked in: Michele Purvis

  • Grange HR Consulting 


    We can assist local businesses thrive during the recovery phase from COVID-19, with HR & Employment support. With up to two hours consultation and/or service, we can focus on managing teams, productivity and all HR related matters either in person, via phone call or Zoom conferencing, including:

    > Navigating JobKeeper 2.0.

    > Developing a workforce recovery plan including recruitment strategies.

    > HR compliance and updates to employment contracts.

    > Flexible working arrangements.

    > Supporting employees’ psychological wellbeing.

    > Leadership skills for business owners and managers to build resilience and adaptiveness.


    Contact details
    Tammy Teplyj
    Telephone: 0425 734 680
    Linked in: Tammy Teplyj
    Web: Grange HR Consulting 

  • Social Tap 

    Social Tap can assist with consulting in business innovation, strategy, marketing and communications  

    FREE 1.5 hrs Strategic Consultation

    Michelle Mason  
    Telephone: 1 800 300 052
    Linked in:
    Web: Social Tap 

  • Causeway Innovation 

    ‘Crises present us with unique conditions that allow innovators to think and move more freely to create rapid, impactful change.’ Larry Clark, Innovation in a Time of Crisis, 26 Mar 2020, Harvard Business Publishing.

    This service is aimed at owner managers of small and mid-sized businesses in the Noosa Shire. The focus is on thinking of new ways to do business and growing stronger as we - hopefully - move beyond the COVID-19 crisis.

    Online consultation – typically 60 to 90 mins - to help business owner managers to identify opportunities to add value and grow the business through innovation. Consultation process is supported by briefing material sent before and after call. 
    An opportunity to:
    •    Consider your personal and business objectives for the next 3 years and beyond.
    •    Identify the gap between current position and where you want to be.
    •    Generate new ideas and new ways of doing business.
    •    Review your business model to identify different ways of doing business and generating profit.


    Colin Graham 
    Telephone: 0418 594 545
    Web: Causeway Innovation
    Linked in: Colin Graham 


    Leigh Kelson 


    Delivered by Zoom, 1 hour session to;

    1. Understand current business positioning, strategy/risk.
    2. Provide an Innovation Strategy/Risk  framework for reducing operating expenses, and extending runway. 
    3. Explore Re-engineering of business model, distribution, new products etc. 
    4. Seek and position for future opportunities, identify emerging trends, capital flows 
    5. An Action Plan will developed up around this framework. 


    Leigh Kelson
    Number: 0407 581 993 
    Linked in:

  • Carolyn Cresswell 


    Provide guidance on how to convert your bricks and mortar store to an online model, including:

    • provide advice and discuss the pros & cons of developing an online store, and/or selling via a marketplace (e.g., Amazon, eBay, Etsy) or via social media. 
    • applicable for physical products, digital products (e.g.,educational or informational) or services
    • recommendations on both immediate and longer term strategies
    • opportunity to answer questions regarding the practicalities of developing, managing and promoting an online shop front


    Carolyn Cresswell 
    Telephone: 0402 365 423 
    Linked In: Carolyn Cresswell 

*Businesses can access up to a total of three suppliers, with no more than one from each different category.