The Benefits of Working with Council

The benefits of working with Council

Noosa is recognised as one of Australia’s premier residential and tourist destinations, located at the northern end of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

Covering an area of 871km2 Noosa has a proud history of preserving its natural environment and is recognised by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve. The region offers pristine beaches and a unique mix of country and coastal living making it one of the best places in Australia to live and work.

Council's vision

Noosa Council’s Corporate Plan 2017-2037 sets out Council’s vision of “Noosa Shire – different by nature”. When working towards our Noosa Vision 2037, Council will focus on:

  • Respect: Respect for the diversity of opinions and beliefs in our community
  • Inclusion: Access to participatory and democratic processes
  • Responsiveness: As a Council, being connected with our community
  • Authenticity: Understand our history and learning from our past.

Employee values

Noosa Council is a supportive and passionate team built around openness and informality. The staff have together defined how they want to operate as a Council. These values include:

  • Community: Working hand in hand with our community
  • Innovation: Striving for better ways to do things
  • Sustainability: Managing environment, social and economic resources for the future

Flexible working arrangements

Noosa Council is committed to workplace diversity and a balance between work and life. Council recognises that a diverse and capable workforce is essential to delivering outcomes for the Shire, the community and the need to balance business needs and individual requirements. As such, Council offers a range of flexible working arrangements including:

  • Flex time/Nine-Day Fortnight (RDO)
  • Part time employment
  • Casual employment
  • Graduated retirement
  • Mid-career break
  • Leave without pay
  • Secondments
  • Job sharing

Health and wellbeing

Noosa Council is committed to assisting employees who wish to participate in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Council provides a range of health and wellbeing programs including:

  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Fitness Passport (an external company allowing its members to access local health and fitness centres)
  • Private health benefits for Council employees
  • Annual flu vaccination program
  • Paid parental leave

Training and development

Noosa Council is committed to supporting employee career progression in the areas of study, training and development and offers both study assistance (for support when undertaking tertiary education) and employee development programs.

For information about Graduate Careers with Council see the flyer