Superseded Planning Schemes

Noosa Plan 2020 (31st July 2020) 
At its meeting of 17 September 2020, Noosa Council adopted Amendment 1 to Noosa Plan 2020. As a result the Noosa Plan 2020 (31 July 2020 version) is now a superseded by Noosa Plan 2020 – Amendment 1 as at 25 September 2020. 

Amendment 1 is an administrative amendment which makes minor changes such as correcting general formatting, numbering, grammatical errors, spelling and referencing which does not materially affect the remainder of the instrument or make policy changes. 

The Noosa Plan 2006 (as amended June 2018) was the former planning scheme for Noosa Shire which is now superseded by Noosa Plan 2020 as at 31 July 2020.

The Planning Act 2016 allows a request to be made to Council to have a development proposal assessed under the provisions of the superseded planning scheme, being Noosa Plan 2006, for a period of 12 months following the commencement of Noosa Plan 2020.

  • In determining whether or not to agree to a superseded planning scheme request, Council may consider a range of factors. 
  • There is a  fee for this request as per the 2020-21 Fees & Charges Schedule
  • Once a request has been made, Council must decide whether or not to agree to the request within 30 business days.
  • A Decision Notice will be issued from Council notifying of Council’s decision. 
  • If the Decision Notice approves the request a planning approval may or may not be required depending on the development proposal and whether it required planning approval under the superseded Noosa Plan 2006. . 
  • The currency period and the approval is for six years from the date of the Decision Notice to commence the use.

For more information on how to lodge an application under this superseded scheme please see the Development Application Forms

Superseded Planning Scheme Documents

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Superseded LGIP Additional Documents

Superseded LGIP – Extrinsic Material listed in LGIP Table 15.5 [570 megabytes zip file containing 202 documents)