Illegal dumping

Littering and illegal dumping

Littering and illegal dumping harm our environment, reduce the enjoyment and value of public spaces, and cost thousands of dollars in clean-up expenses. Littering and illegal dumping can spread weeds and pest species, and pose risks to wildlife, people, and livestock.

Many items can be taken to Noosa’s waste and resource recovery centres for free. Fines for littering and illegal dumping are much higher than the cost of proper disposal. Penalties start from $322 for littering and $2,580 for illegal dumping offences, with different amounts for individuals and corporations.

Report It

If you have information about illegal dumping, please report it to Noosa Shire Council on (07) 5329 6500 or through the online waste request. Your report can help locate offenders, prevent further illegal dumping, and protect our community.

Dumping Green Waste is Not OK

Illegal dumping of garden waste, organic waste, and soils poses serious threats to Queensland’s primary industries, natural environment, livestock, human health, and livelihoods. Impacts include:

  • Introducing pest plants that outcompete native species, smothering and overtaking natural areas.
  • Infesting and blocking watercourses, contaminating waterways, and smothering surfaces of creeks and lakes.
  • Introducing pest animals or diseases into new areas, such as yellow crazy ants, fire ants, and myrtle rust.
  • Blocking forest tracks and fire trails, endangering firefighters and the public.
  • Creating increased bushfire fuel loads or ignition sources.
  • Attracting wildlife to roadsides to feed on organic waste, increasing the risk of road accidents and animal deaths.

How to Properly Dispose of Your Green Waste

  • Recycle your green waste by composting: Composting produces useful materials that can enhance your garden's soil health.
  • Take your green waste to a waste and resource recovery centre.
  • Request a garden waste bin (where applicable).
  • Engage a local garden waste removal company.