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There are a wide range of grants programs that are available to assist business in various stages of their life cycle.

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An overview of currently open business grants are listed below

  • The Queensland Destination Events Program supports regional events across Queensland with two types of funding:

    1. Destination event funding for single year events for grants between $10,000 and $25,000, and 

    2. Significant Event Funding for up to three years of funding for amounts between $25,000 - $100,000  

    Dates: Round 17 : opens 8 July 2020 and closes 7 October 2020 (for eligible event dates of May 2021 and May 2022.) 

    Round 18: opens November 2020 and closes February 2021 (for eligible event dates of September 2021 and September 2022.)

    Strict eligibility criteria apply. 

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  • The Entrepreneurs' Programme is the Australian Government’s flagship initiative for business competitiveness and productivity. 

    An initiative of the Entrepreneurs' Programme, the Accelerating Commercialisation Program, provides funding to help small and medium businesses, entrepreneurs and researchers to commercialise novel products, services and processes.

    Available funding: This grant provides projects up to 50% of the expenditure to a maximum of $250,000 for commercialisation offices and eligible partner entities
    $1 million for all other applicants.

    Closing date: This is an on-going programme.

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  • The Jobs and Regional Growth Fund provides one-off financial assistance in either direct grants or relief of state charges. Financial assistance is provided for the following:

    • projects that require direct and immediate assistance to help early stage development such as feasibility studies
    • greater assistance for more developed businesses to expedite or facilitate expansion of operations
    • development of common user infrastructure opportunities that underpin the development of multiple projects

    Available funding: Financial assistance ranging from $100,000 to over $10M is available.

    Applications are assessed against an appropriate set of criteria, and the type and level of assistance is determined on a case by case basis. 

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  • The Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) is a partnership between the Queensland Government and Noosa Shire Council to support the development of local arts and culture. It supports local arts and cultural development opportunities by providing one-off, short-term, project-based financial assistance.

    RADF now accepts applications from businesses seeking funding for creative projects. Other criteria also apply.

    Available funding: Up to $5000

    Closing date: Grant rounds will be listed on the website below.

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  • Business Event’s Australia’s Advance Program is a partnership marketing initiative that provides financial assistance to Australian industry to support marketing and distribution projects aimed at driving business events visitation to Australia.

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  • This funding boost aims to support regional Queensland tourism businesses that have suffered losses of income because of the international travel restrictions as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The tourism business headquarters must be located in Queensland and primarily operate outside the Greater Brisbane Area of Brisbane City Council, Redlands City Council, Logan City Council, Ipswich City Council and Moreton Bay Regional Council boundaries.

    Grants from a minimum of $2,000 to a maximum of $10,000 (excluding GST) are available to tourism businesses in regional Queensland who can demonstrate they have suffered losses of income because of the international travel restrictions.

    Applications opened on Friday, 2 October 2020. The program will close once all funding has been allocated.

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  • This program aims to encourage businesses to increase international marketing and promotion expenditure to achieve more sustainable international sales. The program is a key Australian Government financial assistance program for small to medium aspiring and growing export-ready businesses.

    The scheme reimburses up to 50% of eligible export promotion expenses above $5,000 provided that the total expenses are at least $15,000. It supports eight categories of promotional activities, including:
    - Overseas representatives (up to $200,000)
    - Marketing consultants (up to $50,000)
    - Marketing visits (65% of first-class airfares and an allowance of $350 per day, capped at 21 days)
    - Free samples (up to $15,000)
    - IP registration and related insurance (up to $50,000)
    - Trade fairs, seminars, in-store promotions
    - Promotional literature and advertising
    - Overseas buyers (a total of $7,500 per buyer per visit, totalling $45,000 per application)

    Each applicant may receive a grant of up to $150,000 per application (subject to available funds), to a maximum of eight annual grants. GST will not apply to EMDG grants.

    Closing Date - 30th November

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  • The Cyber Security Business Connect and Protect Program provides trusted organisations that advise small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with funding to raise awareness of cyber security risks and promote action to address these risks.

    Cyber Security Business Connect and Protect will provide funding to trusted organisations that give business advice to SMEs to:

    • raise the awareness of cyber security risks
    • promote action to address these risks
    • support and uplift the capability of SMEs to meet best practice in cyber security


    Closing Date: 30th November

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  • The Australian Government is inviting organisations via an open competitive grant process to apply to deliver services under the Information, Linkages and Capacity Building Program’s Economic Participation (EP) grant opportunity 2020-21.

    The aim of the EP grant opportunity is to improve the economic participation of people with disability, particularly in light of the impact of COVID-19.

    The expected outcomes for the EP grant opportunity are:

    • People with disability will have improved job readiness, employment related skills and knowledge (whether industry specific or generalist).
    • People with disability and other stakeholders will have increased access to employer groups and employment support networks.
    • Increased willingness and capability of employers and organisations to employ people with disability


    Closing Date: 8th December

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  • The Australian Government is inviting applications from organisations via an open competitive process for grant funding for 12-month projects that help enable the participation of people with disability in community life – particularly in arts, culture, sport and recreation activities – as part of the Information, Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) ’s Economic and Community Participation Program’s Social and Community Participation (SCP) grant opportunity. 

    The SCP stream is one of three streams used to implement the program. The aim of the SCP grant opportunity is to support people with disability, their families and carers to participate in, contribute to and benefit from community activities. It is part of the Economic and Community Participation Program which connects people with disability to activities, employment and community supports and opportunities, helping communities and employers to be inclusive and responsive to people’s needs locally, and nationally.

    Outcomes for this grant opportunity are:

    • Community organisations are more inclusive of people with disability, their families and carers.
    • Community access is improved for people with disability, their families and carers.
    • People with disability, their families and carers are included in the response to or recovery from the COVID 19 pandemic and/ or recent natural disasters.


    Closing Date: 8th December

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  • The Citizen Science Grants – Round 2 provides eligible entities with competitive grants from $150,000 to $500,000 for research projects in a field of science that has a national impact and supports community participation.

    The objective of the Citizen Science Grants – Round 2 is to engage the public in science by offering opportunities to participate, as citizen scientists, in scientific research projects that have a national impact and include the collection or transformation of data in Australia. This grant opportunity is part of the Inspiring Australia – Science Engagement Programme.

    The intended outcome of the grant opportunity is increased community participation in scientific research projects where participants learn new skills, form new networks, receive acknowledgement for their participation, and receive updates on their participation in specific research projects.

    This grant opportunity funds projects that provide all Australians with opportunities to participate in scientifically valid citizen science projects. Through the program, and building on the Australian Government’s National Science Statement and Advancing Women in STEM strategy, these grants deliver projects to engage and empower Australians in science while building their skills and scientific literacy.

    This round will support projects that contribute to areas of national significance by addressing these specific focus areas: 

    • disaster resilience and preparedness
    • environmental change
    • cyber security and artificial intelligence
    • food and agribusiness

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  • The RCP COVID-19 digital grants are a funding initiative that is part of the Australian Government's Global Innovation Strategy, under the National Innovation and Science Agenda. Grants of up to $10,000 are available for eligible Australian early- and mid-career researchers who are addressing a challenge posed by COVID-19.

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