Background Studies

The New Noosa Plan is being informed by various different strategies, plans and studies such as the Local Economic Plan, Social Strategy and Design Principles

Background studies prepared specifically to inform the planning scheme have been individually endorsed by Council for that purpose and include:

The Housing Needs Assessment is a requirement of the State Planning Policy - State Interest Guideline on Housing Supply and Diversity, and was a key initiative of Noosa’s Social Strategy of 2015.

The Housing Needs Assessment is intended to provide a clear understanding of the current housing situation in Noosa Shire and with consideration of local demographics, projects housing needs into the future. It also reviews competing interests between permanent residents and short term visitors for housing stock.

The Housing Needs Assessment finds that Noosa Shire is well supplied with larger detached houses but appears to have a limitation on housing choice and that for some members of the Noosa Shire community there is a lack of housing that meets their specific needs. Particular issues are:

Housing affordability, especially for low income households and key workers;

  • Housing affordability, especially for low income households and key workers;
  • A lack of accessible or adaptable housing for older people and people with specific needs;
  • A theoretical mismatch of housing size and household size;
  • A shortage of affordable and appropriate aged accommodation;
  • A lack of housing diversity, and particularly smaller dwellings;
  • Low levels of social and emergency housing;
  • Conflict between resident and visitor accommodation.