Weddings & Ceremonies


Please note bookings made during the COVID-19 pandemic are subject to Federal and State Government Restrictions and directives. It is imperative that you are aware of and ensure that you comply with all necessary directives for outdoor activities and gatherings as outlined in the State Government's Roadmap to easing Queensland's Restrictions:

STAGE1: 15 MAY 2020 - Gatherings including Weddings are limited to 10 people
1 JUNE 2020 - Gatherings including Weddings are limited to 20 people
 JULY 2020 - Subject to further planning and review a maximum of 100 people will be permitted for weddings
**Noting Social Distancing guidelines must be followed**

Please also be aware of the restrictions currently in place for travelling to Queensland from Interstate - click here for travel details. Requests to either cancel or postpone current 2020 bookings should be made in writing to Council at

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The Noosa area has many attractive parks and beaches for weddings or other formal ceremonies. However, you will need approval from council to do so. If you wish to use a beach for your ceremony, it must take place outside the restricted area of First Point to Beach Access 12, and the flagged bathing area that is setup on the day.

Application process

Please read the Wedding and Ceremonies fact sheet and Terms and Conditions prior to completing the online application.

Once the booking application is completed the selected venue will be tentatively held, a receipt will be emailed and approval notice will be sent within ten (10) working days. If there are any issues with your booking application council will contact you by telephone to discuss. 

Please note that your booking is only confirmed once you have received an approval letter from council. Bookings can only be made up to 14 months in advance. 


A non-refundable fee of $567.50 (GST free) is payable for Noosa Main Beach Foreshore - 3 hour permit (comprising Maison la Plage, Seahaven Grove, Sandcastles Grove, Casuarina Gardens, Hidden Grove and Laguna Grove only).

All other locations - 2 hour permit (which also includes Little Cove, First Point, Beach Access 11 and 14 and Noosa Woods) will incur a non-refundable fee of $223.00 (GST free).

Any amendments to a booking can be made online via the customer portal. Bookings which cannot be amended online will incur a fee of $29.50 per change.

Things to consider

  • How important is it that you have control of the area chosen? Other people may be in the area picnicking, playing or walking dogs. There may also be another ceremony both before and/or after your booking.
  • Can the official party and all your guests get to the area safely?
  • Do you have elderly or mobility impaired guests?
  • Is the area easily accessible for delivering equipment and setup? Vehicle access is not permitted into park or beach areas. Vehicles must be parked in designated car parking spaces.
  • Do you have a wet weather alternative?

Your booking will ensure that there are no other bookings for the same time and in the same location. However, the approval does not guarantee exclusive use of the area and its facilities.

Council keeps its parks and gardens tidy on a routine maintenance program. Council does not provide special mowing or servicing of the area. Council cannot control leaf or other debris from people using the area before your ceremony.

Some areas are more exposed to the elements than others, for example, late afternoon winds along the coastal strip. The available space and ambience of beaches is also affected by high or low tides. Council recommends you check the local tide times.