Black Pinch Road

Black Pinch Road

Council recognises that Black Pinch Road is an area that requires priority reconstruction following landslip activity resulting from the February/March rain event.  There are currently 5 areas on Black Pinch Road in need of reconstruction.  Works to implement temporary solutions to improve the road condition for general use have not been possible due to the impact of ongoing wet on the landslip sites.  The road remains closed until reconstruction can be completed.

Project next steps

Funding has now been secured for all five sites and Council have issued a tender to the open market to find a suitable construction contractor.

When a contractor has been engaged, Council will update the local community with the likely construction plan and timing.


  • Reconstruction of assets such as roads after they have been impacted by a landslide requires significant planning and design.  We appreciate that much of this work is not visible to residents but it is absolutely essential to ensuring that the road is fixed with the highest possible safety in mind. 

    As the project is unplanned and resulting from a natural disaster, the timelines are accelerated as much as resources and the construction market allows.

    The engineering design required for Black Pinch Road needs to contend with a Landslide that is up to 4m deep in some locations, manage underground waterflow and find suitable methods of construction to allow resident access to continue.  We are in final stages of this.

  • Emergency services have inspected BPR and are acutely aware of the road condition. In the event of an emergency, each branch of emergency services will respond accordingly to their individual plans and based on the situation. If you would like to discuss a household specific Emergency Management Plan, Council’s Disaster Management team would be happy to help. Please email for assistance with this.

  • As there has been some dry weather and the geotechnical testing has been completed, the Council Road crew have now graded the road. 

  • Council will be operating on a ‘no surprises approach’, meaning residents will be notified in advance of each construction phase and the associated impacts. We won’t know the finer details until a contract is awarded however these impacts will typically include increased traffic, traffic control, dust, and noise.

    To ensure we connect with residents as quickly and effectively as possible, updates will be issued via email. Please register your details including name, address, phone and email to

  • Traffic speed reduction is not part of the Flood Reconstruction scope, but we understand the community has some thoughts on this topic.  We have referred your question about a reduction of speed to the relevant Council team and are awaiting feedback.

    Read about traffic topics and council’s role:

  • Council is working with official event operators about how they can use the spaces around and along Black Pinch Road.  Council does not have any role over how private users are active in the area.