Roundabouts generally result in fewer motor vehicle crashes than intersections that contain traffic signals, STOP, or Give Way signs. The layout and design of roundabouts encourage drivers and cyclists to enter the intersection slowly and give way to vehicles approaching from the immediate righ-hand side of the roundabout.

There are over 100 roundabouts in Noosa, including many multi lane roundabouts. Drivers who are not familiar with the area can be daunted by the number of roundabouts and cyclists can find it challenging to make their way safely through the roundabouts.

The "How to use a roundabout" awareness campaign aims to educate all road users on how to drive or cycle through a roundabout - who gives way, when to indicate, what to do in a multi lane roundabout etc.

To brush up on road rules for roundabouts:

This initiative was funded through a Department of Transport and Main Roads Community Safety Grant.

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