Cycling and Walking Strategy


Council adopted the Noosa Cycling and Walking Strategy and Implementation Plan 2020 – 2040 [or PDF] on 15 July 2021.

The Strategy and Plan re-establish Council’s vision for bike riding and walking across Noosa Shire for the next 20 years (2020 – 2040).

Noosa’s cycling and walking vision is to get ‘more people riding a bike and walking for health, transport, tourism and the environment’.

Council’s goal is to make riding a bike and walking so convenient and safe that it is the preferred mode of transport for the Shire's residents and visitors.

The Plan will guide Council’s planning, development and promotion of bike riding and walking networks in the future. The Plan covers both the active transport network for those commuting by bike or foot and connections to the bushland trail network for those wanting to enjoy the great outdoors.

The following documents provide a detailed view of the Plan's hierarchy and prioritisation tables.



Recognising the important roles that walking and cycling play in Noosa for transport, recreation and health, Noosa Council developed the Noosa Cycling and Walking Strategy 2004-2016. 

The out-dated Strategy will act as a reference document and the updated 2020 - 2040 Strategy will reflect the latest Council and State Government policy updates including:

Community Engagement

The community Project Reference Group (PRG) was established to assist with the delivery of the draft Strategy and Plan. The PRG provided valuable local knowledge and insights, across eight workshops over the past 18 months.

We would like to thank the following people and organisations for their commitment and time:

  • Noosa Bike Shop and Bike On
  • Ecotekk
  • Noosa Trailblazers
  • Zero Emissions Noosa
  • Noosa Residents and Ratepayers
  • Noosa Parks Association
  • Tourism Noosa
  • Noosa Triathlon Club and Ironman
  • Peregian Beach Community Association
  • Cooroy Area Residents Association

During the consultation period (19 March to 16 April 2021), 260 submissions were received from the community on the draft Strategy. The information gathered from this process provided local insights and helped to identify additional missing links and route refinements, which have been adopted in the Plan. Feedback also defined barriers to bike riding and walking, reiterating those already identified in the Strategy. The Draft Noosa Cycling and Walking Strategy and Implementation Plan Community Feedback and Responses document provide a summary of the submissions.

We would like to thank the community for their participation, and we look forward to seeing more people riding a bike and walking for health, transport, tourism and the environment.

Noosa Fun Facts


  • 60% of Noosa’s population lives in the south-east corner of the Shire, which covers ~10% of the Shire.
  • 40% of the population lives in the Noosa Hinterland, which covers ~90% of the Shire.
  • The largest age group in Noosa is 55-64 years making up over 16% of the population.
  • Approximately 40% of Noosa’s population is over 54 years of age.
  • 71.2% of Noosa residents work within the shire with most jobs being located in the Tewantin, Noosaville and Noosa Heads areas.
  • 71% of workers drive to work with only 3.4% of people walking and 0.9% of people cycling.

How we travel around the Shire

  • 12% of all car trips are less than 2 km.
  • 20% of car trips are are less than 4 km.
  • Less than 5% of people ride a bike or walk to work.
  • 29% of Noosa bike riders are female.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Council has budgeted $250,000 in the 2019/2020 Budget to complete the planning phase of the project.

  • Cycling and walking routes were assessed and prioritised against the following criteria which align with State Government's criteria and will give Noosa Council the best chance of obtaining state grant funding:

    • Strategic Priority
    • Attractiveness and comfort
    • Network enhancement
    • Connectivity
    • Demand
    • Safety improvement
    • Cost effectiveness
    • Project feasibility and deliverability.
  • The project reference group was formed on an invitation only basis, endorsed by the previous mayor and senior Council staff. The reference group includes representatives from local businesses, tour guides, sports clubs, Zero Emissions Noosa, residents and ratepayers associations, Noosa Parks Association and Tourism Noosa.