Housing Strategy

Housing strategy units

Noosa Council has recognised the Shire as being gripped by a housing crisis, which is having a significant social and economic impact on the community.

Council is committed to implementing policies that decrease inequity, promote inclusiveness and result in safe, affordable places for people to live, meet and play.

In June 2022, Council endorsed a draft Housing Strategy for the purpose of Community Consultation.  During July and August several hundred people engaged in this project and provided feedback.  Consultation showed that the community expects Noosa Council to prioritise the facilitation of greater housing choice including affordable housing and social housing.

Council has considered feedback and is now finalising the Housing Strategy, to be accompanied by an implementation plan.

Underpinning the success of the strategy will be the need for strong partnerships with the State Government, with Community Housing providers, private housing developers and with the Noosa Community.  Accordingly, Council has formed a local Housing Stakeholder Reference Group with a variety of experts who will help implement the Strategy and build community understanding and confidence in the Strategy.

The strategy provides for regular monitoring and review to ensure our actions and interventions advance us towards meeting its objectives, to enable housing choice, diversity and affordability to meet the current and future needs of the community.

In essence, the strategy seeks to ensure there is the right amount of housing, of the right type and size, in the right place and with the right tenure, for our community.

The Housing Strategy has been informed by a Housing Needs Assessment, endorsed by Council in December 2021. The Housing Needs Assessment is a comprehensive technical report on the context of housing and households in Noosa Shire.