Housing Strategies

Noosa Housing Needs Assessment

In the last few years circumstances in the local and broader national housing market have changed significantly. This has been in part because of fiscal policy, interest rates and the impacts of the COVID19 pandemic.  Home ownership and affordable rental accommodation eludes many low to moderate income earners, having an impact on the social and economic composition and functioning of the Shire.

In the highly sought-after coastal location of Noosa Shire the demand for housing is always likely to outstrip supply, however the existing housing stock is also not well matched to the changing needs of the community in terms of household size, budget, and mobility needs.

This Housing Needs Assessment has been prepared by Council to review the housing market context, including housing sales and rental markets, a range of population and statistical data, National and State Housing Policy and the range of issues associated with the current housing challenge.  It was endorsed by Council, on 16 December 2021, for the purpose of informing a Housing Strategy for Noosa Shire.