Garden Waste and Composting

Noosa Council is committed to diverting garden waste from landfill and reducing greenhouse gases by recycling garden waste. 

Council provides a fortnightly garden waste service to residents in urban areas and offer an optional service for some rural areas and urban commercial premises. Garden waste bin collection charges are included in the Council rates notice.

Order a Garden Waste Bin (240L or 360L)

To request a 240L garden waste bin or a larger 360L garden waste bin (charges apply), please use Council's Online Waste Requests.

What can go in What can't go in
What can go in Green waste chart What can't go in Green waste chart


Rural Properties, Units, and Small Properties: Properties under 400 sqm are not required to use the garden waste recycling bin service but can opt-in if within 5 km of a service area. To check if your property is within a service area or close proximity (within 5 km), refer to Council’s Interactive Mapping.

Duplex Properties: Combined areas under 400 sqm may qualify for an exemption (e.g., 1/42 and 2/42 Bluefin Court).

Professional Gardener Collection: Residents whose garden waste is collected by a professional gardener may be eligible for an exemption. Complete and return the Garden Waste Service Exemption application.


Noosa residents can access up to 3 cubic meters of single-ground mulch for free from the Noosa Resource Recovery Centre. Double-grind mulch is available for purchase. Commercial operators can also purchase single or double-grind mulch.

Availability of Mulch


Mulch Size Location

Coarse Mulch 100mm
Single-grind mulch

Noosa Resource Recovery Centre

Fine Mulch 50mm
Double-grind mulch

Noosa Resource Recovery Centre
Coarse Mulch 100mm
Single-grind mulch
Cooroy Waste Transfer Station

Coarse Mulch 100mm
Single-grind mulch

Pomona Waste Transfer Station

Note: Availability may change at short notice due to large volume sales.

Composting and Worm Farms

For further help to reduce organic waste, view:

Composting and Worm Farms