Noosa's Social Strategy

Council adopted Noosa’s Social Strategy on December 17, 2015, following two comprehensive community consultation periods, initially to identify key focus areas and then to gauge community feedback on a draft Social Strategy.

Community engagement activities included: community workshops; a government agencies workshop, discussions with key service providers, community organisations and individuals; an online forum on Council’s Your Say Noosa as well as social media interaction.

Council amended the original draft Strategy to reflect the community's feedback. Amendments included the addition of further statistics to the Community Snapshot section; acknowledgement of the need for new technologies to integrate and deliver services; recognition of the need for improved data collection to inform social planning; the need for advocacy and resource allocation, as well as acknowledgement of the role artists play in community well-being.

Also flagged was the positive role the creation of a one stop Community Hub could play, and the need to reinforce Council's role implementing the strategy.

The resulting final Noosa Social Strategy focuses on four key areas:

  • A cohesive and resilient community
  • An active and healthy community
  • An accessible, diverse and affordable community
  • A creative and informed community

2018 Social Justice Charter

The 2018 Noosa Council Social Justice Charter is a short statement that articulates the feelings of Noosa residents with regard to their community and fellow citizens.

The current Charter has a greater focus on social justice and inclusiveness as well as linking to the four current Social Strategy themes. Members of the Community Roundtable were consulted in the development of this Charter. This Charter is used to guide Council's future budget, form partnerships with other levels of government and the community and to allocate resources.

2018 Noosa Council Social Justice Charter [152KB]