Standard Drawings

The Standard Drawings on this website have been adopted by Council for use within the Noosa local government area. Please contact Council if you wish to use a different revision than those on this website.

Addendums to the Standard Drawings must be adhered to meeting the requirements of the Noosa Planning Scheme Policies and Noosa Design Principles:

  • Support Noosa's environmental objectives with plantings that enhance biodiversity.
  • Provide a transport network that caters to the needs of the community and blends into the environment rather than dominating it.
  • Design for pedestrians, cyclists and buses in all road corridor improvements.
  • Design to cater for the aged and disabled community.

Please refer to the following documents:

  • Std Drawing No. Description Addendum
    RS-049 Residential driveways (Plan 1 of 2)


    RS-050 Residential driveways (Plan 2 of 2) Yes
    RS-051 Heavy duty vehicle crossing Yes
    RS-056 Rural Driveway Yes
    RS-056 and RS-056.1 Rural Driveway with concrete alternative No
    RS-065 Concrete pathway construction details Yes
    Kerb and channel  
    RS-080 Kerb and channel profiles No
    RS-081 Residential drainage connections No
    NSD-9006E Kerb ramp and pedestrian refuge No
    Public utilities  
    RS-100 Typical service corridors and alignments Yes
    RS-101 Typical service conduit sections Yes
    RS-103 Optic fibre pit No
    RS-130 Street name sign Yes
    RS-131 Traffic sign installation details Yes
    Subsoil drains  
    SD1116 Outlets and cleanouts No
    Pavement Extension  
    RS-170 Trenching and widening No
    Public transport  
    DRG 5-0011 Regular stop - minimum boarding point with existing kerb No
    DRG 5-0013 Regular stop - without indented No
    DRG 5-0014 Regular stop - with indented No
    TL-0019 Bus stop J pole sign Yes
    DRG 5-0021 Immediate stop - without indented No
    DRG 5-0022 Immediate stop - indented No
    RS-182 Concrete Indent Bay Standard crossfall No
    RS-183 Concrete Indent Bay Adverse crossfall No
  • Std. Drawing No. Description Addendum
    Access Chamber  
    DS-010 Stormwater access chamber detail - 1500 to 2100 diameter No
    DS-015 Manhole frame - Roadway and non-roadway - 1050 to 2100 diameter No
    DS-018 Manhole riser details (roadway) No
    DS-019 Manhole cover (roadway) 1050 to 2100 diameter No
    DS-020 Manhole cover (non roadway) 1050 to 2100 diameter No
    DS-021 Manhole cover concrete infill (pedestrian traffic) 1050 to 2100 diameter No
    DS-082 Culvert inlet screen No
    MR-1307 Access chamber 1050 to 2100 diameter No
    MR-1308 Access chamber roof slabs 1050 to 2100 diameter No
    Bedding and backfilling  
    DS-030 Excavation, bedding and backfilling of stormwater drainage pipes No
    DS-031 Excavation, bedding and backfilling precast box culverts No
    Sediment control devices  
    ESC-01 Rock pads for building sites No
    ESC-02 Grated stormwater (field) inlet sediment traps No
    ESC-03 Kerb inlet sediment traps No
    ESC-04 Sediment fence No
    ESC-05 Sediment fence - notes No
    Drainage pits  
    9223A Catch pit - kerb entry type No
    9223-2 Catch pit lid - environmental message - kerb entry type No
    DS-050 Field inlet - Type 1 and type 2 No
    DS-060 Kerb inlet - general arrangement Yes
    DS-061 Kerb inlet - precast lintel details Yes
    DS-062 Kerb inlet - grate and frame Yes
    DS-063 Kerb inlet - lip in line general arrangement No
    DS-068 Kerb inlet - kerb in line anti ponding Yes
    DS-069 Kerb inlet pit - dome top ocver (900 x 600) Yes
    MR-1174 RC Box culvert - construction of end structures H = 150 - 600 No
    MR-1243 Precast headwall (1 of 2) No
    MR-1303 RC Box culvert - construction of reinforced concrete wingwalls and headwalls No
    MR-1304 Construction of reinforced concrete wingwalls and aprons for pipe diameter up to 2400 No
    MR-1305 General arrangement and installation of wingwalls and aprons for pipe diameter 375-675 diameter No
    MR-1316 General arrangement and installation of precast units Yes
    MR-1317 Rev H Construction of bases with nibs and aprons Yes
    MR-1318 Rev G Construction of bases with recesses and aprons Yes
    MR-1319 Rev I Construction of reinforced wingwalls and RC headwalls H + 750 - 2400 No
    MR-1320 Rev C Crown unit holding down anchors No
  • Std. Drawing No. Description Addendum
    GS-010 Street tree planting with root barriers No
    GS-011 Street tree planting - wide median Yes
    GS-012 Street tree planting - narrow median Yes
    MR-1603 Koala proof fence and gate No
    GS-041 Chainwire security fence Yes
    GS-042 Log barrier and alternative hardwood timber bollard Yes
    GS-043 Locking rail No
    GS-044 Tubular steel fence with & without chain wire Yes
    GS-045 Welded mesh fencing and control fence Yes
    GS-046 Dune protection No
    Bin-01 Waste bin Yes
  • Std. Drawing No. Description
    RS-049 provide for min 2.0m wide concrete pathway at max 2.5% cross fall
    RS-050 provide for min 2.0m wide concrete pathway at max 2.5% cross fall
    RS-051 General Type Preferred. Provide for min 2.0m wide concrete pathway at max 2.5% crossfall.

    Noosa Council has not adopted Revision G. Please use Revision F available above under Roads.

    Min. 1.5m of driveway abutting into existing road edge to be flexible pavement

    RS-056 and RS056.1 Rural driveway (Concrete Alternative)

    Pathway widths:

    Off road trunk pathways – minimum 2.5m, desirable 3.0m or full width in commercial precinct. Absolute minimum 1.5m at squeeze points only.

    • Arterial - minimum 2.5m, desirable 3.0m
    • Distributor - minimum 2.0m, desirable 3.0m
    • Collector - minimum 1.8m, desirable 2.4m
    • Local - minimum 1.5m, desirable 2.0m.

    Concrete specification:

    • 1.5m - 2.5m wide pathway – 32Mpa, 125mm, SL72 mesh centrally
    • >2.5m wide pathway  - 32Mpa, 150mm, SL82 mesh centrally
    RS-100 Typical service corridors and alignments are for new developments only. In brownfield sites maintain existing alignments where necessary. 
    RS-130 White lettering on Noosa green background. No logo. Street numbers optional. If street numbers are not used, sign plate to be 150mm high with 100mmm high lettering.
    RS-131 Sign posts to be installed using typical post anchor or Loc-socket only.
    IS 10 J pole sign posts to be installed using V-sockets or Lock-sockets. When adjacent to pathway the mounted height of the sign is 2.5m to allow for cyclists.
    Sediment Control
    IECA REFER to International Erosion Control Association 
    Drainage pits
    DS-060, DS-061, DS-062, DS-063, DS-068 Preferred Kerb inlet is Noosa 9223 with environmental message where possible.  Inlet capacity charts are available on request
    GS-011 and GS-012 Median kerb type to be SM3 with 300mm wide coloured concrete backing strip

    GS-041, GS-044, GS045

    Black only PVC mesh, posts to be painted black or as specified by Council.