Rates contain levies set by council. The key environment, public transport, and tourism levies provide vital project funding to protect and enhance the sustainability of the region.

Details of other levies are contained in the Revenue Statement [2.3MB].

Environment Levy

The Environment Levy contributes to sustaining a healthy environment by allowing Council to fund a range of strategic environmental management initiatives across the region. Every property throughout the region is charged $35 per half year. In this way, Council and the community are working together to protect the long-term health of the environment.

Sustainable Transport Levy

The Sustainable Transport Levy will allow Council to fund public transport in a significant move towards tackling congestion on the region's roads. The levy is $15 per half year and Council will use the levy funds to meet the costs of a range of services and initiatives.

Heritage Levy

The Heritage Levy will be expended on a range of projects undertaken for the management, protection and improvement of the heritage of the region, and prioritised with advice from the key stakeholders and the levy is $5 per half year.

Bushfire Resilience and Response Levy

The Bushfire Resilience and Response Levy will fund a range of services and initatives related to bushfire management prevention and response program directed at reducing bushfire risk to Shire properties. The levy will be 0.0027 cents in the $ of rateable value, with a minimum charge of $5 per half year. 

State Emergency Management Levy

The Emergency Management Levy (previously known as the State Fire Levy) is not a council charge. Councils throughout Queensland levy this charge on behalf of the state government and remit all revenue collected to the state government, who use it to fund the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service and Emergency Management Queensland.
Information about the State Emergency Management Levy can be found on the QFES website

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