Biosecurity Plan

Under the Queensland Biosecurity Act 2014  public and private landowners have a responsibility for managing plant and animal pests (invasive species) on their land. Invasive species are a threat to agriculture, biodiversity and the community.

The Biosecurity Act requires local governments to develop a biosecurity plan for their local government area and is a key action under the Noosa Environment Strategy 2019. The Noosa Biosecurity Plan 2020 was developed in consultation with the local community. It identifies invasive species for:

  • Prevention: Invasive species that have occurred in Noosa Shire in the past but have since been eradicated. These species are a priority for monitoring and eradication if they return.
  • Eradication: Invasive species that occur in Noosa Shire and may potentially be eradicated from the shire if sufficient resources allow.
  • Containment: Under the Biosecurity Plan, landowners are required to contain these invasive species on their property. For small infestations, or infestations that can eradicated within 5 years, eradication is more cost effective for landowners than ongoing containment. For further information on these species refer to the Noosa Biosecurity Plan 2020.  

Map of Noosa Shire

The Noosa Biosecurity Plan applies to all land in the Noosa local government area.

The Plan identifies 14 management actions including continued regulation, improved knowledge on the distribution and abundance of invasive species, raising community awareness, increased management of wild dogs in koala habitat areas, climate change considerations and exploration of alternative methods of pest control.

For further information on the Noosa Biosecurity Plan 2020 and invasive species please contact Council's customer service centre 5329 6500.