Noosa River Marine Zone

In 2009, Noosa Council and Maritime Safety Queensland established the Noosa River Marine Zone under the Transport Operations (Marine Safety) Act.

The Marine Zone prohibits and restricts certain water-based activities and were put in place due to concerns about river safety and amenity.

The Noosa River Marine Zone:

  • prohibits hovercraft, airboats and sea planes in the river;
  • restricts personal jet ski use in the river;
  • restricts commercial jet ski use to the commercial jet ski area located in the lower estuary; and
  • restricts water skiing in the river between the hours of 8am and 5pm daily.

For more detail refer to the Noosa River Marine Zone maps [1.02 MB].

The Noosa River Marine Zone is enforceable and penalties of $300 (or higher over time) apply.