Foreshore Management Plans

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Council managed foreshore reserves are complex, with many environmental and social values, and sometimes conflicting views about how they should be managed. The Foreshore Reserve Management Plan Framework allows for in-depth investigation of many complex issues, which includes high level community and stakeholder consultation. Foreshore Reserve Management Plans (FRMP) aims to guide the management of Council-managed foreshores with a clear and consistent set of principles and management actions.

FRMPs will usually include investigation and developing management objectives and management activities regarding:

  • Partnerships
  • Climate change
  • Ecology
  • Social values
  • Public access and recreation
  • Coastal creeks and stormwater
  • Community education
  • Incidents and disaster management
  • Encroachments
  • Data collection and monitoring

There is typically a public consultation period on the draft plan, with a following consultation collation, assessment and plan review before presenting the reviewed plan for consideration by Council.

Queensland Legislation

Foreshores and foreshore reserves not only fall under many of the same Queensland legislation as other Council managed land and natural areas including the Land Act 1994 and Nature Conservation Act 1992, but also under legislation specific to coasts, foreshores and waters such as the Coastal Protection and Management Act 1995 and Fisheries Act 1994. This recognises both the significant environmental values of coasts and foreshores and the high demand for coastal land.

One of the most relevant Queensland documents for public coastal foreshore management are these guidelines for local governments, community groups and others managing and working on public coastal foreshores

Eastern Beaches Foreshore Reserve Management Plan (Plan)

Noosa’s coastal bushland, beaches and waters are some of the most valued in the world, and thousands of residents and visitors are drawn to them every year. Dunes and foreshores are where we access some of our most precious and in-demand recreation places. Maintaining long-term and sustainable public access to these highly desirable locations in the face of coastal erosion, climate change impacts and high visitor numbers is a challenge that requires careful planning.

The Eastern Beaches Foreshore Reserves Management Plan (Plan) delivers the response for the implementation of the Noosa Environment Strategy 2019 Eastern Beaches coastal rehabilitation program that aims to improve the condition, species diversity and stability of dune ecosystems and enhance resilience to climate change. The plan also responds to the Noosa Coastal Hazards Adaptation Plan preferred management approach to “pursue dune management and revegetation in high-risk erosion areas as a critical and immediate priority for Council and the community in helping to build coastal resilience and management of erosion risk.

The Plan provides a clear plan for the management of the Eastern Beaches Foreshore Reserves for recreation and public access, ecosystem health, and coastal resilience.

Plan status

Council adopted the Eastern Beaches Reserve Management Plan at its Ordinary Meeting on 17 August 2023. A copy of the final version of the plan is linked below, along with the reviewed draft plan with track changes and the report to Council reporting on the consultation and plan review. 

Current implementation highlights includes:

  • Development of a Beach Access Infrastructure Manual ( due for completion June 24)
  • Initial on-ground works commencing mid-2024
  • Continued development and implementation of Bushland Operational Assessment (condition mapping) and ecological restoration plans
  • Development of ‘Be a good foreshore neighbour and the values of natural foreshores’ communication material (due for delivery in early 2024)

For more information about other Council projects and programs in or near the Eastern Beaches Foreshore Reserves that are not actioned under the Eastern Beaches Reserve Management Plan please see Foreshore and coastal creek projects.

Eastern Beaches Foreshore Reserve Management Plan 2023

Eastern Beaches Foreshore Reserve Management Plan Draft February 2023

Revision of final plan Factsheet August 2023 

Table of amendments to the final plan based on community input August 2023

Eastern Beaches Foreshore Reserve Management Plan Draft August 2023 (tracked changes)