Foreshore Management Plans

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What are foreshore management plans?

Council managed foreshores are complex, with many environmental and social values, and sometimes conflicting views about how they should be managed. The foreshore management plan framework allows for in depth investigation of many complex issues, with the needed high level of community and stakeholder consultation. Foreshore Management plans aims to guide the management of Council-managed foreshores with a clear and consistent set of principles and management actions.

Foreshore Management Plans will usually include investigation and developing management objectives and management activities regarding:

  • Community and foreshore climate change resilience
  • Public access, including beach and foreshore access
  • Scenic and landscape values
  • Community infrastructure
  • Working with bushcare volunteers and other partnerships
  • Ecological values
  • Ecological restoration
  • Environmental and social research opportunities
  • Management planning and monitoring

Consultation and communication

Consultation, working with stakeholders and project partners and communication is integral to foreshore management plan development.

Consultation and communication objectives include:

  • Improve community and stakeholder understanding of the values of naturally vegetated foreshores.
  • Ensure regular updates and feedback to / from key community stakeholder groups and the broader community.
  • Offer diverse opportunities for input and encourage participation by a wide range of community members, especially those that don’t often respond to consultation.

Activities include:

  • Regular update emails to identified stakeholders, including indigenous, local environment, local ratepayer and bushcare groups, and “subscribers”.
  • Invitations to participate in consultations sent to foreshore reserve neighbours, identified stakeholders and subscribers via mail and email.
  • Opportunities for consultation participation hosted on the Noosa Council website and advertised to the broader community.
  • Posting project information to the Noosa Council website
  • Collaborate with local indigenous, environment and bushcare groups to tap into their expertise on coastal management and rehabilitation.

Eastern Beaches Foreshore Management Plan

In 2021-2022 Council is developing the Eastern Beaches Foreshore Management Plan. 

The Eastern Beaches stretch from the southern boundary of the Noosa Heads section of Noosa National Park at Sunshine Beach down to the northern boundary of the Coolum section of Noosa National Park at Peregian Beach. It doesn’t include private property, mowed parks or national parks.

It aims to guide the management of Council-managed foreshore land on the Eastern Beaches with a clear and consistent set of principles and management actions. The plan will contribute to the rehabilitation of dunal vegetation and help increase community resilience to climate change.

Community consultation

There will be regular updates and consultation invitations on this web page to identified community stakeholders, foreshore reserve neighbours and subscribers as well as advertised consultation opportunities for the broader community.

If you would like to become a subscriber to the Eastern Beaches Foreshore Management Plan development, please send an email to

Lake Doonella Foreshore Management Plan

The foreshore around Lake Doonella has a range of community and environmental values including wonderful views and significant wetlands. To help manage these values, Council is developing the Lake Doonella Foreshore Management Plan, starting in February 2023.     

The plan will look at;

  • Public land management
  • Community values, including foreshore access and view points
  • Important ecological values, as well as areas needing restoration

More information and the opportunity for community consultation will be provided as part of the development of this plan. Check this webpage plus council’s social channels for updates in coming months.

Queensland legislation

Foreshores fall under many of the same Queensland legislation as other Council managed land and natural areas including the Land Act 1994 and Nature Conservation Act 1992, but also falls under legislation specific to coasts, foreshores and waters such as the Coastal Protection and Management Act 1995 and Fisheries Act 1994. This recognises both the significant environmental values of coasts and foreshores and the high demand for coastal land.

One of the most relevant Queensland documents for public coastal foreshore management are these Qld Government guidelines for local governments, community groups and others managing and working on public coastal foreshores.

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