Current Tenders

All new Council tenders will be publicised on the Council website and tender documents will be available for download from VendorPanel Public Tenders website.

Council may access contract arrangements established by Local Buy. Council suggests that businesses may wish to consider submitting responses to any advertised Local Buy tenders.

Interested parties are encouraged to register with VendorPanel Public Tenders to receive notification of all new tender opportunities, and also to regularly monitor Council's Tender website.

Current Tenders:

Tender Name: New Mobile Library Vehicle 
Tender Number: T000039
Tender Close: 2.00pm (AEST), Wednesday 28 April 2021
* Tenders will be subject to the Queensland Right to Information Act 2009 and Information Privacy Act 2009.
* All information submitted in a Tender, inclusive of pricing, may be publicised through the minuting of meetings hosted by the Council.  Where a Tender does not go to Council, that same information may be released at the discretion of the Council.
* In compliance with legislative requirements, Council is required to publish details of all contracts worth $200,000 (excl. GST), or more, on its Website and in the Customer Service Centre.

Closed Tenders:

Tender Name: Hinterland Bridges Replacements 
Tender Number: T000027
Tender Name: Commercial High Use Permits for Use of Community Land
Tender Number: T000037
Tender Name: Noosa and District Sports Complex - McKinnon Drive Facilities Replacement Project 
Tender Number: T000036
Tender Name: Peregian Beach Boardwalk Reconstruction
Tender Number: T000002
Tender Name: Rural Road Network Slashing Services
Tender Number: T000020

Tender Name: Construction of Carparks and Pedestrian Safety Improvements
Tender Number: T000030

Tender Name: Preferred Supplier Arrangement (PSA) for the Supply of Asphalt, Bituminous and Quarry Materials 
Tender Number: 2021T063



For general contract and tender enquiries please email Procurement.

For queries relating to a specific tender currently open, please contact the listed project officer or place a forum post on the relevant VendorPanel Public Tenders forum

For all accounts payable enquiries please email Accounts Payable.

Awarded Tenders

See our list of tenders awarded in the last 12 months.

Council Policies

See our list of Council policies for additional information.