Activities for seniors

Noosa Seniors logoNoosa Seniors facilitates social support groups in a well-equipped centre. Activities and programs provide social interaction for eligible people who are aged over 65 years. 

These activities are funded through the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP), especially for those who wish to remain socially and physically active. In order to access these activities you must be registered with My Aged Care (MAC.)

The Social Support Group activities provide interaction for clients who feel isolated whilst at the same time provide respite for carers. The centre operates 5 days per week (with the exception of public holidays) generally within the hours of 9.30am to 2.30pm. We provide lunch at the centre and can arrange transport to and from our venue. 

There are a range of activities that include entertainers, outings, BBQs, high teas, indoor/outdoor games, commemorative events, guest speakers and more. See the calendar below for the weekly activity program.

Noosa seniors in centre activities calendar 1

There are also other social groups that operate around the Shire with transport available. Activities support engagement within the wider community along with facilitating friendships to be built and maintained. See the calendar below for daily activities that are available.

Noosa seniors out and about calendar 1

Noosa Seniors also offers a range of active ageing activities, working in collaboration with a range of stakeholders to promote overall good physical, social, mental and spiritual wellbeing. See the calendar below for daily activities that are available.

Noosa Seniors calendar

Noosa Council also offers a range of exercise and activities suitable to Noosa's over 65s community under its Living Well program. These are separate to what is offered by Noosa Seniors and eligibility requirements are different. 

View the Noosa Council over 65s activities.