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There are three river catchments located within the Noosa Shire Council area, with Noosa River catchment being the largest, occupying nearly two-thirds of the Shire.

The Noosa River flows south from the Cooloola Section of the Great Sandy National Park into Laguna Bay. It is fed by springs that drain major sand deposits and is one of the few Queensland Rivers with a continuous year-round freshwater inflow.

A number of the Mary River tributaries are located in the hinterland regions of Noosa Shire. Six Mile Creek is the largest of these and Lake Macdonald is the impounded reservoir of the Six Mile Creek Dam, which forms part of South East Queensland's drinking water supply. These creeks flow into the Mary River and north to Hervey Bay.

Tributaries of the Maroochy River catchment are found in the southern parts of the Shire near Lake Weyba. These are the headwaters of Doonan Creek and the northern arm of Stumers Creek. Both these creeks flow south from the Noosa border.

Statistics and Facts

Management of Rivers and Creeks

The table below provides a summary of common issues concerning the management of waterways.

Topic Management Agency Contact Details

Noosa River Foreshore Management

  • Commercial jetty lease complaints
  • River foreshore hazards
  • Erosion Control
  • Litter hotspots
  • Boat ramps
  • Noosa River Mouth Exclusion Zone - Migratory shorebird habitat, complains about 4WD, horses and dogs accessing this area.
Noosa Council Customer Service Centre
(07) 5329 6500 (including After Hours emergencies)

Wildlife Management

  • Injured, sick or orphaned wildlife
  • Marine animal strandings


(1300 264 625)


Interference with a Watercourse (freshwater)

  • take water and/or
  • interfere with watercourse
Department of Regional Development, Manufacturing and Water

(07) 3328 4811 or 13 74 68
Email: info@rdmw.qld.gov.au

Interference with Tidal Lands

  • coordination of proposals for use and development of tidal lands
Noosa Council Customer Service Centre
(07) 5329 6500 (including After Hours emergencies)

Vessel Management

  • Applications for buoy moorings
  • Maintains aids to navigation and marine signage
  • Undertakes related education with industry and community groups
  • Administers and enforces the Transport Operations (Marine Pollution) Act 1995 and Transport Operations (Marine Safety) Act 2004, and the regulations
  • Applications for living on board approvals
  • Complaints about living on board vessels
  • Complaints about anchoring within 30m of a structure
  • Complaints about construction and works on watercraft
  • Administers the Transport Infrastructure Act 1994, and Waterways Regulation 2012

Maritime Safety QLD

Shop 4
2 Parkyn Court, Tewantin, Qld, 4565
General enquires (business hours): (07) 5373 2310

Email: MSQNoosa@tmr.qld.gov.au

  • Commercial Vessel Certification, licencing and compliance for DCVs as from July 1, 2018

Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) National Regulator for Domestic Commercial Vessels (DCV)

1800 627 484

Fisheries Management

  • Enforces fisheries and boating safety laws through surveillance and inspection, as well as undertaking related education with industry and community groups
  • Implements and enforces compliance to Queensland's fishing rules and regulations
  • Managing compliance in Queensland's fisheries (PDF 1.3MB) outlines how they achieve optimal compliance

QLD Boating & Fisheries Patrol

Tewantin office
(07) 5449 7555

  • Non-compliance of Noosa River Marine Zones e.g. private Jet Skis, hovercraft, airboats and seaplanes
Noosa Council Customer Service Centre
(07) 5329 6500 (including After Hours emergencies)

 The following community-based organisations also have key roles to play in the management of our waterways.

Topic Community Agency Contact Details

Water Quality Monitoring and Catchment Management


Noosa River

Noosa Integrated Catchment Association (NICA) 

52 Doonella Street, Tewantin
Email: admin@noosariver.com.au. Tel: (07) 5449 9650

Upper Noosa River / Kin Kin Creek

Noosa and District Landcare

Station Street, Pomona
Email: office@noosalandcare.org. Tel: (07) 5485 2468

Mary River Catchment (Six Mile Creek) Mary River Catchment Coordinating Committee

25 Stewart Tce, Gympie
Email: admin@mrccc.org.au. Tel: (07) 5482 4766

Vessel Management

  • Marine Search and Rescue
  • Navigation Assistance
Australian Volunteer Coastguard QF5 Noosa

Munna Point, Noosaville
Tel: (07) 5474 3695