Threatened Fauna Recovery

Noosa fauna roadmap

The Road Map
The Threatened Fauna Recovery Road Map was developed to facilitate and guide the on-going management and recovery of threatened fauna across the Noosa Shire and our adjacent coastal waters.

With the Road Map endorsed by Council in 2023, the development and implementation of conservation actions for priority threatened fauna species is underway.

Nominating species for conservation priority
In partnership with community conservation groups and other key regional stakeholders, an Expert Panel was formed to nominate a list of priority threatened fauna across a diverse range of ecosystems. This approach ensures the net improvement of local biodiversity across the Noosa Shire and our adjacent coastal waters.

The Noosa Nine & Co
Through an Expert Panel scoring species against a range of threating processes (such as climate change, development and land use practices), the following species have been identified for conservation priority under the Road Map:

  • Giant barred frog (Mixophyes iteratus)
  • Glossy black cockatoo (Calyptorhynchus lathami)
  • Greater glider (Petauroides polans)
  • Koala (Phascolarctos cinereus)
  • Tusked frog (Adelotus brevis)
  • Mary River turtle (Elusor macrurus) and Mary River cod (Maccullochella mariensis)
  • Acid frogs (Wallum froglet, rocket frog and sedge frog)
  • Water mouse (Xeromys myoides)
Noosa nine and co

A selection of the Noosa Nine and Co – Mary River cod, wallum sedge frog and greater glider

Implementing species conservation under the Road Map
Council recognises and values that for some species, extensive work has already been undertaken by various stakeholders in threatened species conservation. Council’s approach under the Road Map, is not replace existing efforts already underway, rather to consolidate, facilitate and assist in the recovery of threatened fauna across the Noosa Shire.

Current conservation priorities
Through a risk assessment process detailed within the Road Map, Council has been able to identify sea turtles and koalas as current management priorities. Find out more about Council’s previous, past and future conservation initiatives for sea turtles and koalas on our website.

Future conservation priorities
The Road Map is to be reviewed annually, with implementation priorities of the Noosa Nine & Co to be jointly determined by Council, alongside our key regional stakeholders. The development of conservation plans for all prioritised species shall occur by 2030.

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