Containers for Change

At Noosa Resource Recovery Centre, you can now bring in eligible recyclable beverage containers and receive a 10-cent refund, thanks to the introduction of a reverse vending machine (RVM) under the Containers for Change program. Developed by Ecoboxtec, this unique machine is equipped with advanced artificial intelligence technology to efficiently sort and process eligible containers, preparing them for recycling.

How to be a change maker

Located in the Reviva carpark at the Noosa Resource Recovery Centre, the RVM is available to accept eligible containers from 7am to 5pm seven days a week. Simply follow the steps below to become a change maker!

Step 1. Collect eligible containers (featuring the 10c symbol)

Step 2. Visit the Noosa Resource Recovery Centre.

Step 3. Scan your Containers For Change Member Number.
A Member Number, also known as a Scheme ID, is required to receive your refund.  Visit Containers For Change to create a Scheme ID.

Step 4. Insert your containers one at a time into the slot

Step 5. Once complete, choose to donate or allocate the refund to your account

Containers for Change FAQs

  • A quick rinse at home will help keep the RVM clean and functioning at full capacity.

  • If the container is empty, the lid can remain on it.

  • Yes, it would be helpful if straws and straw plastic wrapper is removed from the popper before placed in the RVM. Please do this before visiting Noosa Resource Recovery Centre, as general waste bins are unavailable.

  • No, the RVM is a cashless facility, and refunds are provided as a bank deposit or choose to donate.   

  • No, the RVM will not accept crushed eligible containers. The RVM uses artificial intelligence to scan the eligible container for the barcode. The barcode determines which bin the container is directed into within the RVM. If the container is crushed, the RVM cannot scan it and it will not be accepted.