Smart Biosphere

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The Economic Development Strategy

  • provides a policy statement that is easily understood and clearly explains the philosophy behind why we do what we do
  • is realistic, achievable and sufficiently resourced
  • is capable of evolving
  • is market driven
  • clearly expresses Council’s role which includes facilitating, enabling, connecting, partnering and direct delivery
  • recognises business ecosystems, economic infrastructure and entrepreneurship alongside technology and innovation as a key driver of business growth

Vision:  The evolution of Noosa as a Smart Biosphere that connects the strong environmental values of our community to future focused technology that allows the Noosa community to meet economic challenges.

Economic Development Strategy 

The Strategy aims to develop of a more diverse and resilient economy that delivers high value employment opportunities.

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It is supported by three Economic Pillars:

  • Future Focused
  • People and Place
  • Evidence Based

And four Growth Enablers

  • Bold Leadership
  • Empowering Business Ecosystems
  • Enabling Infrastructure
  • Encouraging Entrepreneurship


  • Increased number of high value jobs that retain local talent
  • A skilled and talented workforce driving innovation
  • Infrastructure that accelerates industry development and smart precincts
  • Expanded and specialised education and research opportunities
  • Relevant and impactful support is provided to local businesses
  • Enhanced natural assets with technology driving value
  • Collaborative, connected business ecosystems are created
  • Businesses maximise global opportunities and sell to the world
  • Home based businesses and remote workers operate successfully