A compliant ADAC XML file is required to be submitted as an accompaniment to the As-Constructed bundle of information. The ADAC XML data is to be derived from and must align with the corresponding As-Constructed drawing(s).

On acceptance of the “As-Constructed” bundle of information, Council will undertake data format and conformance checks on the ADAC XML file to confirm the completeness and validity of the information and conformance of the details with the accompanying As-Constructed drawing(s).

Should significant anomalies, errors or missing information be identified during these checks, the ADAC XML file(s) will be returned to the provider for correction and resubmission potentially delaying the progress of the “On-Maintenance” process and asset handover.

Please note: Noosa Council only accepts ADAC XML files based on the Version 4.2.0 Schema at this time. Further information and relevant guidelines on preparing compliant ADAC XML files [1.2MB].