Development Application Forms

Council has a number of planning application forms that planning applicants must complete depending on the circumstances.

  • Pre-request Response Application [70KB] - In cases where Council is a relevant entity and has not issued the approval. This form allows Council to consider a change, before an applicant formally applies to the entity that issued the approval or conditions (i.e. court or concurrency agency).
  • Extension to Currency Period [46KB] - A request to extend the relevant period of an application.
  • Request for Referral Agency Response [55KB] - Class 1a or Class 10 building or structure (RAP). To be used where a house or Class 10 structure does not comply with the planning scheme provisions but is exempt from requiring a planning application under planning legislation.
  • Town Planning Appraisal Application [329KB] - To check if a proposed development complies with the relevant planning scheme and/or any relevant planning approvals on the site, complete the Town Planning Appraisal Application form.

Planning Act 2016 DA forms 1 - 5

Naming of Roads, Parks and Council Infrastructure

Developers are required to submit a Road Naming Application to Council for assessment and approval of road names before a plan for subdivision is lodged. Three proposed names in order of preference are required for each road. Applications from developers will only be accepted on the Road Naming application form.

For full details of Council's policy, please read the Naming of Roads, Parks, Community Infrastructure and Street Numbering Policy [53KB].

Individuals or community organisations may also request a renaming of a road, park or community facility. These requests are considered on a case-by-case basis. Renaming will only occur in extraordinary circumstances. To make a request, please lodge a written request with Council providing as much supporting information as possible.

Plumbing Application Forms

Applications to Council for most standard plumbing work are available from state government's Approved Plumbers and Drainers Forms website:

  • Form 1: Application for Compliance Assessment
  • Form 3: Verification of Covered Work
  • Form 4: Notifiable Minor Work
  • Form 5: Application for Compliance Assessment - Remote Area
  • Form 6: Notice of Compliance - Remote Area
  • Form 7: Notification of Responsible Person
  • Form 8: Notice of Compliance On-Site Sewerage Work
  • Form 9: Report on Inspection and Testing of Backflow Prevention Devices, Registered Air Gaps and Registered Break Tanks

Forms 1 and 4 above attract fees.

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