General Waste Services

General Waste Bin Collection

Council provides a weekly domestic general waste collection service to Noosa residents.

Waste bins are for general household waste only, such as food wrapping, Styrofoam and plastic bags. They are not suitable for recyclables or garden waste. These items are to be placed in the recycling bin or garden/green waste bin. General waste bins have either a red or dark green lid.

Larger, 360 Litre recycling bins or change to bin services can be ordered Online,

Bin charges can be found in Council's Revenue Statement.


What can go in What can't go in
What can go in general waste chart What can't go in general waste chart

*Consider composting fruit and vegetable scraps.

Hazardous Waste

Hazardous waste items are products that can cause harm to the environment and personal health. Household hazardous waste and electronic waste can be dropped off at any of Council’s three resource recovery centres.


Do not place flares (from boats) into your general waste bin. Contact Noosa Qld Boat and Fisheries at 2 Russell St, Noosaville or Noosa Coastguard for disposal.


Disposal and removal of asbestos needs to be pre-arranged with Council. The Asbestos Online Request form needs to be completed and submitted 48 hours prior to disposal.

Waste Truck Dimensions

View Standard Waste Truck Dimensions (PDF).