Commercial Waste

For new permanent commercial waste bins, or changes to an existing commercial waste bin service contact Council's Customer Service team on 5329 6500 or submit a request online.

Fees for Commercial Bins

View a break down of Commercial / Industrial Waste Fees. These charges include the Queensland Government's Waste Levy and are applied to property rates notices.

Council has deferred the introduction of some commercial waste charges until 1 August 2022. View here.

Commercial Recycling Bins

One commercial recycling bin service is charged to commercial properties for each standard refuse bin service.   The number of recycling services can be increased to equal the number of waste bin charges at no additional cost. A fee applies for additional recycling services above that number. Services can be ordered by the owner, property manager or tenant. The tenant must have the owner's consent.

Additional recycle bins may be requested online (fees apply).

Commercial Cardboard Bins

1100L low noise, 3m3 and 4.5m3 Cardboard Only bins are serviced weekly and are available by contacting Council's Customer Service team on 5329 6500 or submit a request online.

Commercial Garden Waste Bin

Garden waste bins are availabe in 240L, 360L or a bulk 1100L bin size.

Extra Casual Commercial Bin Collection

If you require an extra casual commercial bin collection - payment must be paid prior to collection. Complete an online form.

Bulk Bins

Various size bulk bins are available for commercial premises across the Noosa region. 

Size Width Height Depth
1 cubic metre 1400mm 900mm 900mm
1.1 cubic metre 1360mm 1465mm 1070mm
1.5 cubic metres 2000mm 900mm 900mm
2 cubic metres 2000mm 1200mm 900mm
3 cubic metres 2000mm 1400mm 1200mm

Note: Maximum weight for all bulk bins = 200kg per cubic metre.

Size/Dimensions of Waste Truck

View size, weight and dimensions of waste trucks (PDF).  Front loading trucks for bulk bins are slightly different.