Orealla Crescent Bridge Replacement

Orealla Crescent Bridge replacement

Orealla Crescent Bridge on David Low Way at Sunrise Beach is being replaced. The construction of a stronger and wider bridge will benefit the local community and economy.

This $3.8 million project is jointly funded by Noosa Council and the Australian Government, as part of the Bridge Renewal Program.

Key features of the new bridge include:

  • single-span bridge structure with a 100-year design life
  • two lanes of traffic across the bridge
  • two on-road cycle lanes and protected off-road pedestrian facility
  • improved pedestrian access along Orealla Crescent
  • resealing of affected areas of Orealla Crescent and Tingira Crescent.

The project will take about five months to complete, weather permitting.

Changed traffic conditions

David Low Way at Sunrise Beach will be closed to traffic until late August, 2020. Access to Clipper Street at David Low Way and the Orealla Crescent underpass will also be closed.

Northbound traffic will be able to detour one way via Tingira Crescent and the southern end of Sobraon Street,

Motorists travelling southbound will go one way via the Tingira Crescent loop. Some on-street parking will be retained along the left-hand side of the detour route.

The parallel and angled parking at the southern end of Tingira Crescent near the beach will also be retained, with the introduction of timed parking in some locations.

Any vehicles longer than 8.8m must use the Sunshine Motorway via Emu Mountain Road and Eenie Creek Road. TransLink and BusLink services will operate as normal on David Low Way.

Council encourages motorists to take alternative routes where possible.

Detour map of Sunshine Motorway

Orealla Cres Bridge



Frequently Asked Questions

  • The Orealla Crescent Bridge has been inspected regularly as part of Council’s ongoing infrastructure maintenance program. Recent inspections revealed an increased level of deterioration due to exposure to salt-laden air.

    Council determined a full replacement of the bridge would provide the best value for money and would help avoid the need for additional major works in the future.

  • The aim is to complete the bridge replacement with minimum disruption to the community.

    David Low Way between Tingira Crescent and Clipper Street will be closed from mid-May after minor works to the detour route are completed. It is expected the closure will be for approximately 12 weeks, weather permitting, with further work to be completed after David Low Way re-opens.

    Access to Clipper Street at David Low Way and the Orealla Crescent underpass will also be closed during this time.

  • The existing on-street parking along the local access route significantly impacts traffic flow and needs to be removed to allow traffic to move as freely and safely as possible.

    There is an increased risk of side-swipe and head-on collisions if a roadway is narrow, and Council’s priority is to be make this route as safe as possible for vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians.

    This is only a short-term arrangement and on-street parking will be re-instated once David Low Way re-opens, which is expected to be in mid-August, weather permitting.

  • Ensuring the safe and quick passage of emergency service vehicles is a high priority. Providing a route with adequate width for two-way traffic ensures emergency service vehicles can progress through this area with little delay.

    Council will provide Emergency Services with updates about the project and traffic conditions so they are aware of the road closure and local access route.

  • Geotechnical inspections associated with risk assessment of the detour route identified an area of weakness in the parkland adjacent to Sobraon Street.

    Additional detailed geotechnical review has confirmed one lane of traffic can safely use this section of road. Council is regularly monitoring the stability of the slope to ensure it is capable of handling any increase in traffic movements and reviewing options for remediation (future project).

  • Bus services will continue to operate.

    Council has been liaising with TransLink to ensure the continuation of services despite the closure of David Low Way.

    Traffic engineers assessed the ability for buses to safely navigate the route and turn the corners, and TransLink bus drivers have also trialled the route, with no reported issues.

    The bus stop south of Vernon Street will be temporarily relocated to Sobroan Street so the local community still has a convenient bus stop within walking distance

  • Council is committed to ensuring the community is kept informed about the Orealla Crescent Bridge replacement project.

    Regular updates will be posted online including on Council’s  page.

    The latest Project News can be found here.

    If you have any enquiries or would like more information, you can contact the project team via email or phone Council's Customer Service Centre on 5329 6500 or the Project Liaison Officer on 0437 300 384.